15th November 2017

Why facialists do it better… just saying


When I first started my training many moons ago, the word facialist did not exist. Now, in 2017, it seems widely accepted that a therapist specialising in skin care is a recognised profession (and rightly so!)

As the skin is the largest organ in the body, a trained therapist will have studied the body as a whole, looking in depth at the role the skin plays in general health and wellbeing. There are a great many factors that contribute to skin health; skin conditions, health issues, how different ingredients impact on a cellular level. There are also in treatment therapies to consider, such as professional technologies that will benefit the skin, methods of selecting different skin types/conditions and deciding when treatment is necessary, as timing is very important. During our training, we learnt Anatomy and Physiology just as a nurse would. As well as the technical side of things, there is much to be gleaned from hands on experience (literally). Over the years, a facialist will see it all. There are so many different skin types and concerns and the most valuable experience you can gain as a facialist is inside the treatment room. This experience, combined with access to amazing modern technologies and research, makes skin care so much more developed now. Even if a therapist only uses holistic massage, they will have had such a detailed training that the treatment will be tailored to the individual’s skin, using a breadth of knowledge to treat the skin properly and effectively.

Just as it is important to get regular facials to boost and correct the skin, it is equally essential to continue your own skin care routine at home. Combining the two will give amazing results and ensure your skin perfectly supported.



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1.Massage like a pro – make this part of your daily routine, it boosts blood flow, which is fresh nutrients to the skin cells and encourages detoxification. Plus you won’t over stretch the skin if you work deeply, you need to get into the connective tissues and muscles to lift!

2. Not One single product will get the results you desire – you may have found your perfect cleanser or moisturiser, but if you want results that is not enough.

3. Layer it up – you can still keep your routine reasonably simple, but get into the habit of applying a serum morning and night. These are often the products with active ingredients in that will impact deeper and give results.

4. Mask-erade– I know you all have at least one face mask in the back of your cupboard, probably more! Make them part of your weekly routine not just special occasions.

5. Get techy – face massage is wonderful and effective, however if you really want to step up your homecare, don’t shy away of at home skin gadgets. They are not the strength of the pro however they are a huge addition to your topical products. You can use them on a daily or weekly basis to boost the effectiveness. They may seem like an expensive purchase but if you compare the cost to the cost of a monthly facial, it quickly turns into a good investment!

6. Don’t forget your neck and decollate in your product application, by the age of 45 you will be beginning to wish you had done this when you were younger.

7. Massage your cleanser – pat and press your serum – tap and smooth your eye creams – smooth your moisturisers and SPF.

8. Get a facial – seriously they make the world of difference. ideally once every 4 – 8 weeks, or as a minimum 3 times a year with the seasonal change. As a starting point why not try my Hero facial or for something more advanced the WOW factor facial is exactly that! you can easily book online here and come along to my new treatment home at The Beaumont Hotel 




Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

Flowers, always good for putting a beautiful smile on your face 😁 no matter how tough a week… https://t.co/yuuR6hFYjk



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