Like many people, my journey has not been a straightforward one, I wasn’t always a skinexpert, I started my working life in the family food business, following a childhood of contrasting approaches – my grandparents were beekeeping vegetarians, everything was home made, whilst my glamorous mother embraced a more 80s convenience style to cooking. So I’ve always been influenced by different approaches to life, health and wellbeing.
I was a child of the 80s, we sunbathed for hours covered in baby oil and put lemon juice in our hair, we even had a sunbed at home, which horrifies me now – so much skin damage and premature ageing. 

Looking after myself wasn’t anywhere on my agenda until my physical and mental health suffered, I had always been prone to sensitive skin, my first beauty product purchase caused a huge allergic reaction. 

In my early 20s, I experienced the first of two periods of post-natal depression, which prompted me to take stock and retrain as a beauty therapist. Juggling motherhood and education was never going to be easy, but I knew I had found my calling. 

“The key to skin confidence is a combination of effective treatments, great skincare, balance, happiness and mental wellness.” 
- AJ



with Abigail

6 things you didn’t know about Abigail...

I’m a trained milliner…

I’ve always been good with my hands and I love being creative, while skincare is my first passion I could make a beautiful hat!

I’m a qualified Yoga teacher...

and I have hyper mobility syndrome which is a genetic flexible condition passed down by my grandmother who was a performer & contortionist. 

I assisted with my nephew's birth…

my sister’s first labor was challenging so I was there to support her on her second birth with massage and breathing techniques – it was an incredible experience!

If I didn't do what I do...

I would have loved to have been a Jewellery designer. 

The best piece of advice I’ve been given…

poco-a poco, my mother used to say to me, which means, keep going, little by little, you will get where you want to be. 

My biggest inspiration...

Nanny James, such a petite force of nature, with the most balanced life advice. If she couldn't afford it she would learn how to make it. A humble lady with the strongest character, an artist, a creator, a true pioneer with nutrition. 

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Effective skincare is the cornerstone of healthy, glowing skin, at home and inside the treatment rooM.

Selecting the right ingredients, textures and delivery systems, is key to achieving your complexion goals. My many years of experience has taught me what works is a personalized cocktail of clean, naturally derived, scientifically sound and intelligent ingredients.


“There is not one magic product, I like to see your skincare routine as you would your plate of food. We know we need a balanced variety of nutrients to sustain our health and this is the same for our skin. My combined approach to skincare provides, vitamins, minerals, oils, stem cells and peptides giving our skin the optimum nourishment for a youthful, healthy radiance”


Regular facials should not be considered a luxury, they are an essential part of looking & feeling our best.

We are constantly ageing which is why regular facials are key if you want results. My recommendation is once every 4 to 6 weeks to work with the skin’s natural cycle, boosting your complexion and achieving that coveted lit-from-within glow & slowing down the ageing clock.



I love combining state of the art technology into treatments and for use at home. 

For a truly results driven approach I supercharge some of my bespoke treatments with an array of carefully selected, safe, advanced technologies. From radio-frequency, micro- current to LED, needling & laser. These cutting edge, non-invasive methods work alongside my hands-on skills to deliver immediate and longer-lasting results.



Wellness, to me is very much about balance and moderation rather than extremes

I like to adopt a 70/30 approach. If you are mindful of your health, diet and wellbeing 70 percent of the time, letting your hair down and indulging in a glass of wine & your favorite chocolate for the remaining 30 percent should be encourage - it’s real life and good for the soul!


“It’s not just
its self-care.”  


Feeding skin from within with the best building blocks is a key component to skin health so it is important to support it mindfully and healthily through our diets.

 Food is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips and a healthy, balanced, plant-rich diet can be the difference between a good skin and a truly luminous complexion.  I work closely with nutritionists to provide a full 360 degree, inside-out approach for each client.


my ethos

“The Beyonce of Skincare”

- ok

- instyle

“Magic Hands”

“Skin Genius”

- Cosmopolitan

What the press say

Continuing to educate myself and helping others with their skin and health became my passion, and over the years I have trained in many therapies & techniques, for me further education is something that has never stoped. 

This journey has formed my philosophy about looking good and feeling healthy, glowing skin isn’t achieved just by the latest ‘miracle’ cream but by a balance of well-chosen products, treatments, technology, exercise, stress management, an awareness of our hormonal cycle and, of course, food.

So all that time spent working with my father wasn’t wasted! 

Whilst I’ve travelled  the world, working with global brands and prestigious spas and detox retreats, the most satisfying moments have come from helping thousands of women love their skin and improve their health, happiness and confidence. It means so much when women share their stories of how life changing my advice or methods have been. 

When I’m not running my  clinic in London and being mum, I love sharing blogs, videos and running workshops. I’m lucky enough to be invited to judge beauty awards, speak at industry events and talk about great products on QVC. I also collaborate with some amazing brands that share my passion for holistic health, wellbeing and happiness.

I hope that finding out a bit about me gives you confidence that I can support you on your journey to skin wellness. My own journey and decades of working with clients has taught me that the link between our skin, our identity and our sense of self-worth is inextricable. 

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