Virtual Consultations

All the benefits of an in-clinic visit, from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.


‘This is so much more than just a skincare chat” 

Once you have made your booking, you will be sent a pre consultation questionnaire to help me find out about your health, wellbeing, lifestyle, hormones, diet and skincare which will enable me to focus our time together and get a clear picture of you.
Your initial 30-minute consultation will be carried out via zoom or facetime (a link will be sent just before your appointment time begins) We will discuss all your key concerns and questions during the call. Follow up notes will be sent.

How it works:

Whether you have a skin concern such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, ageing, advise on your home care routine, or for your skin to look its absolute best. My goal is to support you with your skin and health, so you have the knowledge and skills to support your aging process as best you can.

You gave me amazing advice about which products to use. I only use the products that you recommend now and my skin looks so healthy and my rosacea has calmed down so much!


I no longer feel any need for botox to smooth out the lines in my forehead. They are already much smoother and my skin looks really good and healthy. SO so happy. Thank you!


Please can you let Abigail know that my husband (who doesn’t usually notice these things) said my skin looked like marble after I last saw her and she had erased my wrinkles (what wrinkles?!)


I had no idea of the health issues I have been suffering that would come up in this consultation about skincare! The advice Abigail gave me has been totally life changing.


I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy your videos, you are so positive and knowledgeable.
If ever I am in London, I will plan to book a facial with you.


Just wanted to say how much
my skin has improved since I started using Abigail's recommendations.
My skin looks amazing! 

Ana Maria

Do I need to send photographs of my skin?

Yes please do send these in with your completed skin consultation forms.

What if I want a followup?

You can book a skincare check up at anytime. Which is £90 with Abigail. We are always available on email for support.

What if I want to purchase any skincare products?

That’s simple, we can set you up with a company called Get harely who can deliver clinical skincare anywhere in the world. They only work with professionals so the product recommendations will be quite unique to you, like a skincare prescription.

How long does it last?

30 minutes for an initial virtual skin consultation.

Will I be sent any notes?

Yes you will, covering the most important things we discuss in the call with any relevant links, advice, next steps and product recommendations.

Do you need to see my skin in person?

The simple answer is no, I have seen and treated thousands of faces over the years, this clinical experience along with an in-depth discussion with you means I understand potential triggers and concerns. What we see visibly is only part of the picture!

Common Questions

I’m looking forward to supporting you on your skin health journey.


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Thank you!


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