“Love your work ” 


“Abigail is the best facialist in London! My face feels amazing!”

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“Heavenly facial! My skin felt and looked so much better” 


"Wow the facial has really kicked in today. My skin is looking great! You are a miracle worker" 

Aisling Bea 

“Magic hands! Thank you. See you again VERY soon” 



“My skin seems to breathe a sigh of relief when under the nurturing care of Abigail’s expertise”

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For over 20 years I’ve been fortunate to share my best face treatment methods with millions of people worldwide, both online and in person in my London clinic. I’m committed to a 360 approach to skin health and beauty, combining technology and science with nature and holistic, hands-on massage.

Life is a precious gift, and ageing is part of that extraordinary journey. So let’s do it with confidence, positivity, and enjoy the benefits that living well brings to our happiness, wellbeing, and our skin. 

I’d love to invite you to discover my methods & award winning facial treatments, to help you feel beautiful inside and out. 

Award winning aesthetician, skincare & wellbeing expert, author, trained yogi, & mother. 


I'm Abigail James.

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What clients are saying

You gave me amazing advice about which products to use. I only use the products that you recommend now and my skin looks so healthy and my rosacea has calmed down so much!


I no longer feel any need for botox to smooth out the lines in my forehead. They are already much smoother and my skin looks really good and healthy. SO so happy. Thank you!


Please can you let Abigail know that my husband (who doesn’t usually notice these things) said my skin looked like marble after I last saw her and she had erased my wrinkles (what wrinkles?!)


I had no idea of the health issues I have been suffering that would come up in this consultation about skincare! The advice Abigail gave me has been totally life changing.


I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy your videos, you are so positive and knowledgeable.
If ever I am in London, I will plan to book a facial with you.


Just wanted to say how much
my skin has improved since I started using Abigail's recommendations.
My skin looks amazing! 


If you want to achieve your best skin, age well inside and out, I have a book which I think you might love.

The Glow Plan: Face Massage for Happy, Healthy Skin in 4 Weeks

A handbook for glowing skin - this practical skincare handbook offers a holistic toolkit for inner wellbeing and outer radiance.

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Rejuvology™ is the groundbreaking therapy combining science and theory of the facial rejuvenating massage that forms the Abigail James Signature methods for facial rejuvenation.

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Rejuovology™ and the practice of its accompanying treatment of Rejuvotherapy™ are taught exclusively through the Abigail James Academy. The goal of the Abigail James Academy is to raise the bar on skills and standards within the beauty and holistic industry in terms of facial rejuvenation and through lymphatic, face-lifting massage - whilst creating a community of like minded facial massage therapists who are renowned as the best in sector and have career confidence in proven method(s) they can trust.

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"I have had a million facials over the years and, honestly, they have pretty much only ever aggravated my skin. Together with Abigail's facial and the products she recommended, my skin complications were completely fixed within a month. It's quite hard to believe, but it is true... !" 

Eilidh Hargreaves, Tatler 

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