15th November 2017

Tried & Tested – Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin Ampoules


Having long been a fan of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in skincare for a more advanced approach to skin rejuvenation I was excited to have a play with the new Skin Doctors Potent Vit C. and Vit A Ampoules.

IMG_5004I was sent both serums to try, they can obviously be used individually however using an antioxidant such as Vitamin C in the morning and a Vitamin A (retinol) product in the evening gives a good balance of ingredients for the skin, acting in different ways to get an improvement in the skin, so a perfect marriage of morning and night serums for ease and those who are confused about what to use and when.

 Both come in jars with 50 individual squeezable ampoules which I think is actually a really great idea. Both these key ingredients degenerate when exposed to air, so each of these ampoules are going to be just as potent from the first application to the last! Genius!

The same amount is in each ampoule so you’re not being over heavy or too light with the application, how very clever! The ampoules are also very easy to open, a simple pinch and twist.



The golden coloured Potent Vit. C ampoules contain 10% Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), it does have a slight tingle when you apply, this is not a negative thing, active Vitamin C has this effect on the skin and it doesn’t last long. It does contain dimethicone which is a silicon that gives a coating to the skin with a matte silky texture, a good base for your day cream and foundation and paraben free.. This is about collagen boosting, brightening, preventing free radical damage as a really powerful antioxidant. (A city skin must).


The dark blue Potent Vit. A ampoules are very similar in texture, light, matte, silky and no scent.  Also paraben free. The first two consecutive nights of applying this after cleansing I didn’t feel any sensation, however as with most retinols with continued use and cell turnover being increased (a good thing) night 3 there was a slight tingle which continued on application for the rest of the week. They are using a slow release technology to reduce irritation while the ingredients do their thing. These are all about collagen boosting, supporting fine lines, pigmentation and generalised signs of ageing.

How to use

Cleanse skin and make sure your skin is dry. In the morning apply the Vitamin C day serum, and then follow with your usual daily skincare routine, which might be natural or advance. In the evening I would just apply the Vitamin A night serum and let it do its thing.

I like the fact you know exactly how many days application you have per pot with 50 ampoules in each.

My thoughts…. 

 Simple to use, the amount, preservation, application, storage all very well thought through. Overall I think these are great if you like advanced skincare, my skin definitely felt treated with ingredients that were actually doing something. it’s good to see cosmeceutical skincare ingredients often used in clinics and treatment rooms made accessible to those who want results, making them accessible for home use.

If you’re after natural skincare this one is NOT for you. Not everyone is cool with using dimethicone but when combined with cosmeceutical ingredients it has its place. 

These new ampoules have just launched on Very.co.uk. Take advantage of their introduction offer and pocket yours in time for Christmas

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This post is kindly sponsored by Skin Doctors because Im a fan of Vitamins A and C in skincare 




Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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