8th September 2017

Skincare A – Z Vitamin C


If you want results this is on my top to have list. Vitamin C is a must when it comes to skin health and anti-ageing,  well known, researched and widely used within the skincare industry for its potent results, its what I call a mega antioxidant. Vitamin C is good for collagen production, plumpness, staving off UV damage, brightness, helping with pigmentation. it can prevent and heal skin damage, some research has shown it protects against free radical damage and also reverses DNA damage.

Traditionally its really difficult to formulate and keep the ingredients active without causing skin irritation.

There are a number of different forms, Ascorbic acid & L-Ascorbic acid is the most widely used, and with different percentage of active ingredients. All forms of Vitamin C are unstable and breakdown in sunlight and need protecting with good packaging to keep it active. Opaque or air tight packaging is best. There are lots of cleaver new formulations that enable the Vitamin C to stay active for longer and even adding the active part at home, so its supper fresh. 

It also works super well when combined with other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, these are the perfect marriage couple.

Key effects

I find Vitamin C is a great skin brightener. It protects from free radical damage, helps maintain collagen and elastin, may help diminish pigmentation and prevents pigment from cropping up, Ive never seen it work to the same effect as specific ingredient for pigmentation, however it can be an added support mininises general signes of ageing.

How to combine Vitamin C into your routine? 

After cleansing apply a vitamin C serum to dry skin, on face neck and decollete, its safe to use morning and night. If your combining with other serums you might choose to use this in the day and another serum at night.

Abigail’s Tips 

  1. I particularly love applying my Vitamin C serum under my daily SPF, so you have the antioxidant effect followed by the SPF protection. 
  2. Once you’ve opened your Vitamin C product use it up within 6 – 8 weeks, it will loose it potency. 




Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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