6th September 2017

Cyprus – A beach a day


The perfect Sunset  

In need of a break and time away to enjoy the sea & sunshine without a long haul travel time I headed off on my first visit to Cyprus. I know I wanted to be near the sea but totally torn between snorkelling stillness & a bit of roughness for some surf, Cyprus perfectly ticked both boxes by exploring the West coast.

Only a 4 hour flight from London to Paphos, the couple I sat next to on the flight have been visiting Cyprus for the past 11 years, I felt this bodes well for a place I might also fall in love with.

From the moment of landing the level of hospitality from airport to hotel was so warm and helpful. However I must admit some of the local gents on beaches were a little over attentive and forward, Only being on the island for 3 hours I had already received an invite to dinner and a trip to Ayia Nappa! something to be cautious of if traveling alone or with teenage daughters!

I hired a car and to be ignorance and delight they drive on the left which made for very easy island exploring.  

The coast is stunning, some of my personal favourites

Coral Bay, packed with tourists but perfectly still sea, ideal for young families, just a little walk to the north of Coral bay, is less crowded and peaceful and well worth exploring. Its also super easy to jump on the bus up and down the west coast to visit other beaches and coves, there are plenty! further south I stumbled across some perfect surf beaches, where the surfers come out later afternoon evening to catch the waves. The surf is definitely more intense than cornish waves so not for a novice, and the drop from sand to sea in most areas is severe and pebbly rather than soft sand, its a case of hold onto your bikini! 


Coral beach Hotel beach 

The Coral beach hotel is a perfect setting for a break with or without family and the private beach is somewhere I snuck into to enjoy! Shhhhh http://www.coral.com.cy/Hotel.aspx

A boat trip to the blue lagoon, after a drive up to Latchi was well worth it, don’t be put off by thinking this is too touristy, the view of the coast from the sea is beautiful, Aphridities rock is along the way and when at the blue loagoon an hour to swim is the most stunning crystal blue sea is some what special. If you take the last boat trip of the day you also get to enjoy the islands stunning sunset.


The Blue Lagoon

This area of the island is almost impossible to reach via car unless it a 4×4 for the offroad dirt tracks.



















A beach a day, with a different vibe, wave and view  



One of the most luxurious hotels spas on the island is also in this area, well known worldwide for its wellness offering, superb facilitites and stunning views of the coast, The Anassa I have a number of friends who visit here year on year for their annual rest, recoup and detox.

Further inland you have the natural springs at Milliou village, I didn’t get time to visit but the Ayyii Anargyri hotel making the most of the healing waters looks like one to add to the next visit list.


An inland island gem is the waterfalls, something I was not expecting to find in Cyprus. 

Cyprus is definitely on my will return to list of Islands, I would love to share some of its activities and coast with the kiddies, there again I would also love to enjoy to serenity & sunsets all to myself over again, maybe fitting in more of a spa experience too. 




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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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