21st November 2017

Micro-current facials what are they?


Technology in facials to boost results is something that has been used for decades, I find some of these methods come in and out of vogue but now more than ever a combined of product and machines is the way forward, especially with more and more people wanting to age well but steer clear from invasive procedures and looking fake. Each of these methods have their own unique effect, benefit and result to the complexion.

One that has safely and effectively been used for facial rejuvenation for decades is Micro-current, nicknamed the non-surgical face lift. Loved by numerous famous faces, its something i have combined in my facials for many many years and it totally stands the test of time!

It uses tiny low level electrical currents that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field. Its applied to the skin via metal probes the therapist will be holding, a positive and negative, the current flows between these probes, each manufacturer will use different wave lengths of current, having a slightly different feel and effect which is why not all machines are the same. 

Micro-current technology was originally developed to treat conditions such as bells paulsey, its widely used in physiotherapy clinics for speeding wound healing (check out the collagen boosting that does that!) along side aesthetic and beauty treatments to re-educate facial muscles to lift, tone and re-energise. Its perfectly safe and effective to start having micro-current facials in your 20’s and continue throughout your adult life.

During a treatment the therapist will work around all of the facial muscles with the probes, lifting and holding, allowing the current to do its job on each of the muscles.  I personally find micro- current effective at boosting radiance and all round skin health not just firming muscles. Its main benefits go far beyond that of just a lift, it boosts circulation, enhancing penetration of skincare products, stimulates collagen and elastin production as well as ATP which is muscle energy.

How does it feel?

There is a slight tingle sensation, there can also be a metallic taste, this is because the current has an impact on the enzymes in your saliva! there is often more of a tingle around eyes and boney parts of the face, and you obviously feel a lifting of the facial contours with the probes but not uncomfortable. 

Will it replace botox?

Id love to say yes but we all have different expectations of results, if you want to look naturally healthy and glowing for your age, then yes. If you want to work on much deeper lines then unfortunately not. However they work in conjunction with each other. Botox is preventing a muscle from moving where as Microcurrent is activating it, like taking it to the gym, so working on very different methods. I have a number of clients who have botox and we combine micro current to rejuvenate the whole face and keep muscles, tissue and blood flow healthy. For micro current to be effective it does take commitment and with continued use you will see results and complexion energised and healthy! 

How long is a treatment?

 this will vary from the machine being used, the area on the face being focused onand the other methods being added into the facial, anything from 35 to 75 minutes.

How many treatments do I need to see results

Often micro-current is initially done as a course, each salon or therapist may suggest a different option, varying from 2 per week for 4 weeks to adding it into your regular monthly facial once every 4 – 6 weeks.

You will definitally feel and see a rejuvenation from the first however the results are accumulative and you will see them increase with time.

Who is it not for

 Anyone with epilepsy, pregnant or diabetic

Micro-current can easily be combined with other forms of advanced treatments such as peels, LED and radio frequency, this is a method i use within my much loved Wow factor facials, hero lift and also as a stand alone caci lift treatment you can see my full treatment menu here and also book a facial here

Its one of the treatments I turn to if I know I have an event coming up I will book myself in for a booster course of 4 treatments, I notice an improvement in fine lines and general radiance. 


I also love some at home micro-current gadgets, I find these do make a difference between your facials or if you can’t make it to a regular facial or if your happy doing your skincare routine at home, these make a huge difference. 


Nuface I love this because its so simple to use, you charge it for 3 hours then it runs of its battery, you can turn the intensity up and down. You apply the gel to the whole face then glide over, in time with the beeps, in a lifting movement from the middle of the face out to the sides and up. As with a salon treatment you will feel a slight tingle, its a perfect date night skin boost! 




Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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