24th March 2018

My post workout body essentials


After a good workout, be that run in the park, a weights session in the gym or power yoga class, there is nothing better than jumping in the bath or shower to freshen up & relax tired muscles. The ideal would actually be to jump in a cold shower first to help prevent any possible injuries, aches and pains from exasperating, the cold, constricts blood vessels healing wound healing, it does take your breath away! but definitely worth doing before jumping in something hot.

The products you use post workout can make a huge difference too & actually benefit in more ways than you might think possible. I don’t know about you but me personally after a workout I want refreshing clean scents, this is not my time for florals and sexy perfumes, I want reviving and ingredients that are going to support my muscles in their post workout fatigue, hopefully help prevent DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle spasm) that crazy muscle ache and stiffness you get when you’ve worked out particularly hard thats worse 48 hours after the actual work out. Do this part right immediately post workout and you are less likely to suffer, it will help you get back in the gym or dancing shoes quicker. 

Here are my top post work out body essentials 


Epsom salt bath

If I’m going to jump in a hot bath a large cup of Epsom salts is very simple to add and the benefits are huge. They dissolve in the water and absorb through the skin, soothing tight muscles, relieving inflammation & general aches and pains. Also, a great way of getting your magnesium and sulphates, Epsom salt, is actually magnesium sulfate which can be absorbed through the skin!

Sulfates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract and good at supporting the boys natural detoxification process. 

Rituals –Ritual of Hammam black soap

Inspired by the traditional black soaps, traditionally high in antioxidants A and E.  This body wash has pure olive oil and reviving eucalyptus so it deep cleanses, hydrates and refreshes all in one. I particularly love the scent of this post workout, the Eucalyptus I find has a wakeup effect on mind and mood while my body feels thoroughly cleansed. This is a post workout shower favourite. 

Rituals (Anahata) Heart warming bath oil

I love adding this to a bath with my Epsom salts, it is a limited edition, it adds some nourishment to the water & has a slightly sweet fresh scent with rosewood and pine, it adds a touch of spa luxury to the post workout as the epsom salts on their own have no scent

Aromatherapy associates muscle gel

Post bath or shower I love massaging a gel or product specifically to ease muscles, I find this really helps prevent the post workout ache!  I focus on larger areas that I might have particularly worked on, like thighs, bottom, stomach, upper arms. AA muscle gel has a real fresh wakeup scent, its warming to the areas and using the power of aromatherapy to sooth tired muscles, rosemary, lavender, ginger. It’s totally none oily so you work it in and it disappears without leaving the skin feeling oily or tacky just slightly silky once its dried.

Ren anti-fatigue toning body oil

Because most muscle gels are not hydrating, I always feel I need to add some extra nourishment and actually massage my body and I love using a body oil to further support the muscle easing and detox process.  Ren anti-fatigue body oil is great for this, whereas the other products above have quite a wow scent, this is a lot more subtle, it’s a slightly thicker texture oil than most making it good to do a deep massage, essential on problem areas i.e. thighs, bottom hips. It has phytosterols to help increase skin toning and firmness too 

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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