30th April 2018

Cleansing… The low down

Whenever Im asked whats the best cleanser for my skin? its not quite such a simple answer, heres why….. 

As a skincare expert cleansing is something I am passionate about, its the first product I use within a facial no matter if the face in front of me has makeup on or not, and its more often than not a doubte cleanse to ensure everything is removed and i have a fresh clear canvas to carry out the rest of the facial. 

There are so many different types of cleansers which I know can be a little confusing as to what to use to get the best result for your skin. I personally love having 2 different types of cleanser, (I actually have a lot more!) I know that might sound decadent, surely its just washing off the surface? yes most of them are, you might think it better to invest in different serums and moisturisers to get a result. However! Cleansers dont need to be expensive and if your cleansing correctly your other skincare will be able to absorb more efficiently and give a more notable result.. Through incorrect cleansing you can create a skin condition that you don’t naturally have, dryness, sensitivity, midday oily shine, correct cleansing will really make your whole skincare routine work. 

For example if you use an oil or a Balm or a cream and this is a little bit too heavy for your skin type you might begin to get breakouts and maybe the skin just looks a bit dull. Or if you’re using a wash and your skin is naturally dryer you might then be over stripping, resulting in tight, dry, sensitive skin. so actually cleansing is really important to get right for your skin type. 

Another key point especially as women our skin changes throughout and monthly cycle, sometimes we know we are going to come up with some spots and be a little more oily so maybe we need a deeper cleanse some time of the month rather than throughout the whole month. That’s where I really like having two different types of cleanser so you can really tailor your homecare routine to suit your skin type, the environment your living in, you monthly cycle and general life! 

First cleanser type I would use a cream, oil or a balm, there are some lovely gel type balms that change to a lotion when you add water. You might choose to use this morning and night or as a first cleanse in the evening to remove makeup then follow with a second type of cleanser. 

The second type of cleanser would be a gentle wash, clarifying wash or foam, avoid any washes that are excessively frothy, you need those that gently lather to avoid the wrong types of ingredients. You might use this in the morning to wake your complexion up or after using a first step cleanser to do a deeper more thorough cleanse, or if you have a skin thats more prone to breakouts this becomes your morning and night cleanser.


Having two different types of facial cleanser gives you the flexibility to get the best out of your skin through the months and season changes. 

One cleanser generally doesn’t suit all skin types were all made differently and live in different environments, the choice we have is a lovely thing. The caution becomes as to the formulations, their key ingredients and individual effect on the skin, some are definitely better for us that others

One thing I do love using no matter what the cleanser type is a cloth of some sort to remove thoroughly, all your cleansers can be removed in this way.

You can see my video here of how to do the perfect cleanse 

A few key ingredients to avoid with your cleansers 

  • Mineral oils – these will over time block pores, slow cell turnover and dehydrate the skin 
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – SLS and Sodium Laureth SLES ( harsh foaming agent) 
  • Sulfates in general 
  • Synthetic colour, fragrance – common cause for irritation and skin reactions 
  • Soap – keep this for the body not for the face, its alkaline and the skin is mildly acidic so it will have a drying effect 
  • phthalates 



Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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