1st May 2018

Tried & Tested – Rituals, Naturally advanced cleansers

I am never shy in sharing my love for facial cleansing, I should say “correct facial cleansing” and the fact Im a fan of having more than one cleanser, not just for double cleansing but to tailor your homecare routine through the month, seasons and year. 

I am also a fan of quality, natural ingredients within skincare, we want to look great but not to the detriment of our health or the health of the planet. 

With all this in mind I was somewhat bowled over with the new Rituals skincare range.  ‘The Ritual of Namaste” Firstly they have made a huge stance in going totally natural, vegan friendly with a huge respect for nature as well as you! 

Not only does the packaging look beautiful and is recyclable the pots are totally reusable, (not in the image above) you will want to keep these because they are stunning! the quality of the natural formulations stands out, the way they feel, absorbe, the delicate scents all hold their own in the natural and luxury skincare market with some really innovative world firsts in natural skincare. Which is why I am proud to have been supporting on their global launch as their skincare expert. 

With my love of cleansing I wanted to share their purifying range with you, which is a whole range dedicated to cleansing! Literally a different cleanser for all 

First step cleansers

These are usually cream and or oil based and great for removing makeup and giving your skin a massage. Great for dry, sensitive, normal, mature skins. If you were just choosing 1 type of cleanser for those skin types then any of these would be lovely. 


Miracle 3 in 1 Micellar water 

I don’t usually class micellars as cleansers, they are more of a makeup remover before cleansing.

This is a world first “all natural” micellar water, with damask rose water, very delicate almost there scent, a great skin refresh and makeup remover. Apply to cotton pads and wipe over the face. I like to use this to freshen up with if Im working from home, great for warm days on cotton pads wiped down neck, behind ears and décolleté.


Radiant glow cleansing balm

More of a gel balm, it feels very different to a traditional oil balm. Its silky and light in texture rather than oily. the scent is beautiful, delicate floral, mildly fruity and shortbread soft, with a touch of “I want to eat it” it smells so good. I use approx 2 – 3 pumps. I love this if I want an all in one cleanser, once you’ve finished massaging with it, add water and it immediately turns into a milky lotion which very simply washes off leaving no oils feel on the skin. it comes with a cloth which is how I would recommend removing this. 

Silky soft cleansing oil

This is my touch of luxury, want to massage my face cleanser, its an oil, I use 1 pump which is plenty to cover face and neck. Its perfect to massage with, it feels rich and luxurious, a similarscentr to the cleansing balm but a little fresher. This also transforms into a lotion when you add water, so no oily residue but skin feels very comfortable after. 

Mild cleansing milk 

Love this! I know cleansing milks are not nececerally so in vogue right now but I crave starting my day with this cleanser. It feels smooth & fresh while still being a delicate milk. Its not too thick or gel like, to me its the perfect cleaning milk consistency. I personally use 3 pumps for the whole face, I use it as I would all may other cleansers, put into palms of hands and massage then soften with warm water and remove with a cloth. You can also apply to cotton pads and wipe over the face as an alternative.



Second step cleansers 

These are gentle washes, suitable for most skin types that need a deeper cleanse. Not really for dry and sensitive skin. These make a perfect second cleanse or all round cleanser for slightly oilier skin, prone to a few spots, teen skin, mature hormonal skin and washing off sunscreens. 

Gentle cleansing foam 

The foam is created from the action within the pump, not through chemicals. 1.5 pumps is plenty to wash your whole face. Even though its a wash, its doesn’t feel like a traditional wash, while your using it is has a silky texture to it. Very simply washes off leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. 

Velvety smooth cleaning foam 

This product is perfectly named! its a velvet textured soft, soap free cleansing wash, the foam is more of a delicate baby foam, the lather is small and smooth. Some natural washes dont actually feel that great to use but this definitely has that luxury feeling, with a soft lemony scent to wakeup the senses. You only need a small squeeze into the palm of your hands, add water and massage onto the face. Then simply rinse off. 

The price point is great, around from £11.50 to £17.50 for the oil and balm, so no excuse for now only have 1 type of cleanser in your routine! 


You can see the full Rituals purify range here 



Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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