21st May 2018

Micro needling – Done right

I don’t think there is one of us who wouldn’t say yes to smoother, plumper radiant skin, micro-needling has become one of the latest most popular methods to achieve anti ageing results. I know it sounds scary, but don’t be put off let me explain how it works and why it might be just the missing link in your skincare regime.

What is Micro needling (derma-roller) ? 

A small handheld roller, a little like a paint roller with tiny fine needles is rolled over the surface of  the face and neck which creates microscopic pin pricks in the surface of the skin. Before you wince too much the needles are really small, the lengths of rollers vary from 0.2 mm to 1.5ml for facial rejuvenation. Longer lengths would be used for the body and dermatologists. If you imagine the skin on our eyelids is finest 0.5mm and thickest on our palms 1.5mm and feet even more. Facial skin thickness varies across the face averages 1mm to 1.5mm

The rollers create controlled tiny wounds to the surface of the skin which stimulates your own natural healing response and collagen production to repair and smooth the skins surface, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, scaring and generally giving a more youthful tone, it also helps products absorb into the skin more effectively. Most rollers are safe enough to use around the eye area making them really effective for pesky crows feet and eye ageing. 

How does it feel?

A needle of 0.5 or lower doesn’t require any numbing cream, it is a super quick treatment that facialists use, that might be added into a facial or a longer needle as a stand alone needling treatment. The skin is thoroughly cleansed, a serum may or may not be applied then the roller worked over the face in fast moves which feel more annoying than painful. It might take anything from 3 –  6 minutes to complete the whole face, so its really quick. This can easily be an add on to your facial to increase product absorption and further boost collagen, you do need to be aware you will look pink and feel glowy for a few hours!

This type of needling could be included in your regular facials or for a specific concern a course of 3-5 treatments 4 weeks apart with a needle length 0.5 plus with a top up every 6-9 months

A longer needle would require a numbing cream to be applied before, which takes 20- 30 minutes to work, the needling will be carried out in the same method, you can get some pin pricks of blood and healing does take longer, redness, some sensitivity, tightness and heat. This type of dermaroller is effective for deeper lines and acne scaring and does require a course to get results.

Why I like derma-roller  

Firstly it gives proven results even with low level needles and its not using any chemicals to do that! Its working with your natural healing response. So even if you love your natural skincare you can easily combine derma-roller without any concern about what your putting into your skin.

Tips for home use

Traditionally derma-roller was a treatment only available in clinics, but now you can buy devices to use at home which are a lot gentler.

 like most home use equivalents they don’t give the same result as a professional treatment, however regular low level needling can give long term results and are a great addition to your at home routine between facials.

Make sure it’s a good quality sterile roller not a cheap version, You can buy all types of needles off the internet and some will definitely be far too harsh for home use and material the needles are made from might not be suitable. You do need to sterilize them  between use and be cautious to not put anything too active or fragranced on after to over stimulate or irritate the skin. Hylauronic serums are perfect at home.

If you are exfoliating the skin or using retinols the dermis will be finer so please be cautions of what else your doing in your at home routine.

Start with once or twice a week in the evening.

If you want to see it in action I filmed a How to Derma roller safely & effectively at home video, Im sure you will find helpful 

Other professional treatments that are a step on and new developments from traditional dermaroller are derma-stamp, controlled areas treated across the whole face and fractional radio frequency which combines needles with heat for a more controlled and deeper impact also impacting on the blood vessels as well as the collagen. 










Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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