11th July 2017

Teen Skin



Teen Skin Focus – balance oil production, maintain skin health

A time in your life of so much change!  hormones begin to play their part both mentally and physically. Not all will experience skin issues, some sail through with the occasional hormonal spot or some mild sensitivity, whereas others this can be a tricky skin time, I know, I was obviously once a teen and I have teenage kids myself. 

There is often a genetic connection to how your skin will be and we cant fight the internal hormones doing what mother nature intended. However there are ways to support, no matter what your skin might be doing.

Life reality….

So lets get realistic, keeping a well balanced diet at this point in your life is not always priority. You may have chosen to go on birth control which adds another dimension to your natural hormone balance. Exam stress is a real thing that can play havoc on the skin, so can the emotional upset of relationships and not forgetting all the fabulous makeup you can play with being layered up on the skin. 


Question – “My skins playing up what’s physically going on?”

ok lets go back to biology lessons for a moment (The science bit) 

The pituitary gland in the brain produces hormones which trigger the release of other male and female hormones to different levels. It’s the male hormones androgens, more specifically testosterone which increase sebum production making the skin oilier and Keratin, which is the main building blocks of the skin, making the skin thicker. Increased amounts of Keratin block pores especially when there is more oil as well. blockages encourage bacteria and spots form. In some cases this can become inflamed and spots develop into teenage acne.


Question – My skin feels sensitive, WHY? 

If your concern is sensitivity it might be because you’ve started using skincare products which are not right for your skin. Too harsh, to synthetic, highly perfumed. Or it could be your skin is naturally drier and it needs a gentler approach.

 Common problems 




Shine and excess oil


Teen skin can be tricky, the skin is breaking out due to internal hormones until these settle there is not a magic potion or treatment which will get rid of spots for good. However, there are things which will aggravate and some that will help to balance and calm. Heres my top tips of what you can do at home to help bust those spots. 



Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

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