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All of us have experienced feeling drained and sluggish at one point or another, Some days I wake up feeling tired and in need of a boost but dont have any energy to do a work out or anything too dramatic. This is where I love some of the simplicity of yoga for its powerful […]

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The best energising yoga poses

 I was 19 when I first came across yoga. At this young, energetic age, it was the 90’s I would often spend my time in more intense gym and cardio classes – if I wasn’t jumping up and down working up a sweat, I didn’t feel like I was working out! I admit that at […]


Why I fell in Love with Yoga

How often do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Every month? Every week? Maybe even everyday? It’s something we’re made to feel like is part of our everyday lives – but why should it be? It would be great if our lives could be perfectly harmonious but that’s a slightly unrealistic aim. So with that in […]

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Top tips for when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Yoga is a pretty common hobby nowadays but it’s not something I’ve just started taking an interest in – it’s something I’ve been involved with since I was 19. Back in the 90’s I thought the only way to ‘work out’ was through high energy classes and spending all hours at the gym. Basically if […]


How I found my Love of Yoga

    Did you see my first blog post on Facial Yoga moves last week? It’s not just your body that needs exercising – working out your face can really help tone and stretch your skin. Take a look at these moves below to finish off your workout – now everybody say OM!   Move […]


Exercise your Face with Facial Yoga – Part 2

We all know that in order to be healthy and happy we need to exercise our bodies – but what about our faces? Well according to Refinery 29, we should all be working that out too. So get ready to say OM to Facial Yoga – not only does it give you an all natural face […]


Exercise your Face with Facial Yoga – Part 1

  I love working out and keeping active I just love the way it helps with my wellbeing, physical, emotional and makes my skin glow. London has some amazing fitness classes and I love to explore the new ones that come along as well as stay loyal to the places I Love. I wanted to […]


A Week in Exercise: Where I Workout

  What are the benefits to skin of embracing the great outdoors? And those who follow me on Instagram know that I am a big advocate of a 360 approach to skin well being – with exercise being a large part of the journey towards improved skin tone and condition.   The main benefit to the […]

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Head-For-The-Hills – An Outdoor Skin & Health Boost!

To help celebrate Chelsea Flower show Abigail will be hosting a Yoga face exercise and breakfast at the Liz Earle store Wednesday 25th May 10am – 12 It would be lovely to see you there, share some skincare tips, pull some faces and help you create a Vibrant complexion.  (Please see booking details above)  


Join Abigail for facial yoga & breakfast

TraslerraTrasierra is the family home in the Andalucian Mountains in Spain run as an exclusive private hotel, and boutique retreat venue. Tucked away in the beautiful surrounding hills of the Sierra Norte. the perfect location to enjoy some amazing yoga, treatments, beautiful food and the chance to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy walking […]


Guest facialist at Spanish retreat

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