We could all use a little extra support to keep our bodies and skin nourished, especially when dealing with the stresses and strains of modern life! When it comes to supplements, its all about the quality of whats in them. LifeArmour  formulas are 100% natural, vegan and they use only the highest quality ingredients. Their […]


Life Armour supplements: Tried & Tested

It’s no surprise that we call it ‘beauty sleep’, after all it’s the time our bodies can perform their essential functions. And with the clocks going forward this Saturday, we’re missing an hour of this vital function that keeps our bodies going. But what does missing sleep do to our skin? Optimum health tells us […]

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A good night’s sleep!

  What are you investing in this year? Savings account, a new business venture, your fitness? how about investing in rest!? An investment that doesn’t cost a penny but will reap huge rewards?! Personally recharging you mentally and physically, enabling your body to re-boot and function efficiently, the grey matter to have time to switch […]

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Invest in Rest

Sam Flowers Abigail caught up with Stylist’s multi award winning beauty editor and new mummy Samantha Flowers and asked some burning beauty questions….  Q. Whats your morning routine? Since having Leo I need products that are quick to apply, fast-absorbing and make a real difference when it comes to perking up my skin and helping me […]


Chatting Beauty with…..

Modern life can be at such a pace not many of us escape some level of stress, this can manifest in many different ways, irritable bowl, migraine, irregular sleep patterns, skin breakouts, eczema the list goes on. There is no denying a mind body and skin connection,  on a physical level nerve endings are connected […]

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Stress & skin health

Beauty sleep is not a myth, sleep is a vital part of life, esential for physical and mental regeneration, without sleep we not only look tired our bodies are tired and can’t function effciently, and this shows in our mental clarity and the apperance of our skin. A recent study group proved that the most […]

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For a restful nights sleep…………..

From time to time we all may suffer from puffy eyes to varying degrees, it may just be the odd occasion or a longer term problem, there are so many things that may or may not be a factor that may contribute to this condition. It could simply be the fact that life is out […]


Puffy eyes

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