22nd March 2017

A good night’s sleep!

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It’s no surprise that we call it ‘beauty sleep’, after all it’s the time our bodies can perform their essential functions. And with the clocks going forward this Saturday, we’re missing an hour of this vital function that keeps our bodies going. But what does missing sleep do to our skin?

Optimum health tells us that we should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night however how much do you really get? And it’s been proven that we can all need different amounts. Missing even a few hours of your optimum sleep can have a visible impact on your skin giving you dark circles and a dull complexion, make lines appear more visible, slow cell turnover and give you a cranky mood.

So what can you do to create the perfect haven for sleep? I’ve put together a few of my tips below for you.


  • Screens are a no go – we all know the blue light emitted from our mobile phones can mess with the signals in the brain telling us when it’s time to sleep so I try to keep my phone out of the bedroom and read a book in the evening instead.


  • Use aromatherapy oils – certain scents can create a calming feeling in the body. That’s why I love massaging bit of lavender on my pulse points and sprinkling it on my pillow as I drift off.


  • Wear an eye mask – this is something I’ve been doing for years and it’s become a habit now. It supports the delicate skin around your eyes and the darkness it creates allows your body to switch off for the night naturally. Holistic Silk do some beautiful masks that I love.


  • Drink chamomile tea – often nicknamed the ‘sleep tea’, chamomile contains no caffeine so it won’t keep you up before bed but I also find the ritual of boiling the kettle and making a cup is enough to lull me into a sleepy state. Plus chamomile has anti-anxiety effects so will relax your mind before you drift off for the night. My favourite brand has to be Teapigs Chamomile flowers – their tea temples are made from whole flowers rather than crushed ones which makes a lovely brew. 


  • Take a sleep supplement – sometimes, even if you’ve created the perfect atmosphere for sleep, you can need a little extra something to help you drift off. I love the flower essences of Rescue Remedy Night – a few drops of this on my tongue helps to calm my mind and allow me to fully relax. Another favourite is Asphalia sleep capsules – made from super powerful anti-oxidants they send you to sleep like a baby! I also like Noctura homeopathic tablets that are great for insomnia – unlike the Asphalia they’re non drowsy but it can take a bit of time to see results. 


Do you have any top sleep tips? I’d love to hear your suggestions too.



Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

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