It’s no secret that I love a good skin peel. It’s one of my favourite methods to use within my treatments, alongside many others. Dead skin cells, fine lines, sluggish skin cell turnover, dullness as well as boosting hydration levels and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, all generally prevent the skin from feeling and looking […]

Skincare 101

Your Road Map To Peels and Acids

Balancing life as a busy working mum is a blend of satisfaction and stress. And when it starts to show in your skin, you may be wondering exactly what is happening. I currently have lots of mum clients juggling life and young children and their biggest request? How not to look so haggard after having […]

Your Skin

7 Skin Tips For Busy Mums

This year, I broke up with coffee. Well, caffeine in general actually. And as a traditional Brit, this can seem a little strange. So, let me tell you why. I grew up in a house full of tea drinkers. From the age of 18, I was probably drinking around 4-6 cups of tea a day! […]


Why I Gave Up Caffeine

2019 has been quite a year, on many levels, lots of change. Packed full of facials, travel, teaching, family time, research and focusing on my treatments, but that’s not all. Earlier this year I was nominated for an Award, and, amazingly I WON! I had the honour to be awarded best facialist, It’s such an […]


Award-Winning Skin

One of the most sensational advancements in skincare over the years has been in exfoliation. The simple rejuvenation of skin cells makes a huge difference to the complexion. By supporting the outermost layer of the skin, we are able to completely transform the way your skin looks, feels and functions – be that with peeling […]


Hydrodermabrasion: The Skin Smoother

Ageing. The word we all love to hate. It’s something we do our best to avoid, yet still seem to obsess over as soon as the fine lines start to appear. For centuries, we’ve experimented with different trends and tactics, all in the name of looking (and feeling) younger. Some weird, wild, and some truly […]


Microcurrent Facial: Why Your Skin Will Love It

I do love berries and have long been a fan of eating them in place of other fruits. I particularly like them for the juicy flavours, very high vitamin and mineral content and generally low glycaemic load. This gives a slow release of natural sugars and fibres rather than spiking our energy levels. This makes […]


Beautiful berries

I must admit jumping on a plane to a colder, damper climate than the UK for a brief spa break wasn’t totally on the top of my to do list, I can jump in my car and head back home to the Cotswolds for the country views and if I’m hopping on a plane for […]


Adare Manor Ireland – Spa review

In the skincare and wellbeing industry antioxidants and freeradcials  are words that are used a lot. The latest antioxidant packed serum or free radical scavenger, you know antioxidants are in your skincare routine and that fruit and vegetables are packed with them so they must be the good guys but what are they actually doing? […]


What are Anti-Oxidants & Free-radicals?

I was not really expecting to find such a sophisticated oasis of calm down town Dubai, out of the stifling heat, moments from the wealth of designer shops of The Dubai mall, over looking the world famous Burj Khalifa fountain (Que the Vegas style music and lights display) The Address Downtown hotel and spa, an imposing […]

Life & Style

Address Downtown Spa review – Dubai

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