Menopause and your skin, a huge topic! The menopause is largely misunderstood, feared and under-treated – but it’s something all women go through at some point in their life. Davina McCall’s recent documentary on menopause inspired me to write this guide, speaking on the impact of menopause from a skincare perspective. As a woman going […]


Menopause and your skin

I’m frequently asked by clients, friends, family and on social media about whether or not to use an oil on the face, how to use an oil and what types of oil are best for particular skin types. Your questions answered! Help! Should I be using a face oil?  Almost all skin types will benefit from using a […]


Do I need a hero oil?

With your big day fast approaching, you’ve likely thought about which pre-wedding facial will give you that bridal glow. You’ll be looking at your wedding album for years to come, so it’s only natural to want to look your best on your wedding day! If you’re new to facials, it’s difficult to know where to […]


The Best Facial to get Before your Wedding

In my previous blog about different types of pigmentation I covered everything you need to know about what  pigmentation is (if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend giving it a read). This blog is all about pigmentation treatment options available and generallt how to get rid of pigmentation and sun spots – which ones […]


How to treat pigmentation

Pigmentation is becoming increasingly common worldwide. I see lots of clients who come to me at their wit’s end for help and advice with their skin – and equally hear from many more on social media who are struggling, too. On top of that there’s a lot of misinformation out there – making pigmentation even […]

Your Skin

What is pigmentation?

HIFU face lift treatment    One of the most common concerns I hear from new clients and people on social media is how can I get rid of jowls, I need a face lift, my face is sagging what can I do!  There are actually some really effective things we can do to help, smoothing out […]


HIFU facelift

  Thanks to Andy Murray’s mother, the lovely Judy Murray, lots more people have heard about Radio Frequency Microneedling and have seen the amazing effects it can have on our skin for smoothing lines and generally rejuvenating our faces.  But what is Microneedling and what can it do for you? If you are looking for […]


What Is Microneedling Radio Frequency?

So many of us experience lack of confidence – and it’s easy to see why when we consider how much of modern life revolves around how we look, and our ability to conform to a certain way of being. Constant comparisons on social media, pressure to be ‘perfect’ (whatever that is!) and outrageous beauty standards […]


5 ways to boost your confidence

This was my first experience of eyebrow micro-blading – I shared some of this on my insta stories at the time, so here’s the full process. I know lots of you have shared how you have considered having your eyebrows done, but been too scared, also there have been lots of you saying ow much […]


Getting my brows micro-bladed

In your thirties and forties your teenage years are a distant memory – you’ve left some of the awkwardness of your youth behind, and with it the angst of acne. But then you start to develop those tell-tale pimples and pustules, and a condition you thought you’d never see again rears its ugly head. Around […]


Adult Acne 101

Rosacea affects around one in ten women in the UK. Which is a huge number! Characterised by facial redness, flushing across the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, a bit like a butterfly shape, alongside increased sensitivity and sometimes spots and bumps -it’s not surprising it can really impact on those experiencing symptoms, self-confidence. I find […]


Rosacea – a comprehensive guide

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