All of us have experienced feeling drained and sluggish at one point or another, Some days I wake up feeling tired and in need of a boost but dont have any energy to do a work out or anything too dramatic. This is where I love some of the simplicity of yoga for its powerful […]

Yoga & Fitness

The best energising yoga poses

An at-home facial can be a bit of a skin game-changer, help ease stress away by taking a few moments for yourself (yes we are allowed to!) as well as giving your skin a boost. They can also extend the life of your in-clinic facials as well as when you are unable to get to […]


A simple at-home facial

Our bodies are pretty amazing things. Just how they function really does fascinate me, especially our immune system, which is one of the most essential parts of our bodies. Our immune system keeps us healthy, protecting us from bacteria, viruses and parasites, through a complex network of cells, organs, proteins and antibodies. It’s so complex […]


How to strengthen your immune system

Some of you may have seen my ice baths on Instagram, (Scroll down for my many faces of cold bath therapy) many have asked what the hell are you doing?! Well it was a little challenge I set myself, inspired by my own father who cold baths daily and has done for almost a year […]


Cold bath therapy

The best hummus recipe ever!
I mean what did we eat before hummus?! I don’t recall it being a thing when I was a child, it wasn’t a western diet thing, dips were always mayonnaise creamy things or taramasalata (what even was that pink fish eggs stuff!!) but now we have hummus, our kids know hummus, its almost a daily staple in our diets and there isn’t just one flavour of hummus on the shelves, there is now a plethora of choice and its actually really good for us.


The best hummus

Marrakech is a city that holds a very special place in my heart, ever since my father took me when I was just 17 years old. Since my first ever trip, I’ve returned countless times, and with every visit, I fall a little more in love with its charm. It must speak to my inner […]

Travel and Spa

Moroccan Adventures | Marrakech Memoirs

Hands up who’s concerned about the loss of facial firmness? Well, my hands are firmly in the air, as are a number of clients who comet to me in London. Losing the firmness in our skin is unfortunately part of the beautiful ageing process, which sees our collagen and elastin fibres slowly start to decline, […]


Deep dive | The Benefits of Radiofrequency

Abigail James, Abigail James Celebrity Facialist

It’s no secret that I love a good skin peel. It’s one of my favourite methods to use within my treatments, alongside many others. Dead skin cells, fine lines, sluggish skin cell turnover, dullness as well as boosting hydration levels and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, all generally prevent the skin from feeling and looking […]

Skincare 101

Your Road Map To Peels and Acids

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Balancing life as a busy working mum is a blend of satisfaction and stress. And when it starts to show in your skin, you may be wondering exactly what is happening. I currently have lots of mum clients juggling life and young children and their biggest request? How not to look so haggard after having […]

Your Skin

7 Skin Tips For Busy Mums

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