After a good workout, be that run in the park, a weights session in the gym or power yoga class, there is nothing better than jumping in the bath or shower to freshen up & relax tired muscles. The ideal would actually be to jump in a cold shower first to help prevent any […]


My post workout body essentials

Technology in facials to boost results is something that has been used for decades, I find some of these methods come in and out of vogue but now more than ever a combined of product and machines is the way forward, especially with more and more people wanting to age well but steer clear from […]


Micro-current facials what are they?

When I first started my training many moons ago, the word facialist did not exist. Now, in 2017, it seems widely accepted that a therapist specialising in skin care is a recognised profession (and rightly so!) As the skin is the largest organ in the body, a trained therapist will have studied the body as […]


Why facialists do it better… just saying

  Having long been a fan of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in skincare for a more advanced approach to skin rejuvenation I was excited to have a play with the new Skin Doctors Potent Vit C. and Vit A Ampoules. I was sent both serums to try, they can obviously be used individually however using an antioxidant such […]


Tried & Tested – Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin Ampoules

  This is a post I wrote last year but have had so many questions around retinol I thought I would repost it to help you out.   Retinol is a skincare ingredient you may have heard of and its one of those you may be a little scared of with numerous horror stories. Well […]


Skincare A – Z … Vitamin A (Retinol)

  There is a swathe of skincare products with activated charcoal in but what exactly are its benefits other than providing the perfect insta photo!? What is activated charcoal? It’s almost identical to normal charcoal but active charcoal has been created for the sole purpose of health benefit. Normal charcoal is treated with oxygen to […]


Activated Charcoal is it really good for the skin?

If you want results this is on my top to have list. Vitamin C is a must when it comes to skin health and anti-ageing,  well known, researched and widely used within the skincare industry for its potent results, its what I call a mega antioxidant. Vitamin C is good for collagen production, plumpness, staving off UV […]


Skincare A – Z Vitamin C

The perfect Sunset   In need of a break and time away to enjoy the sea & sunshine without a long haul travel time I headed off on my first visit to Cyprus. I know I wanted to be near the sea but totally torn between snorkelling stillness & a bit of roughness for some surf, […]

Life & Style

Cyprus – A beach a day

Stress is something most of us experience on a daily basis. But how does it actually affect the body and our complexion?  It’s almost impossible to live without some stress in our lives. It’s a natural, evolutionary response that developed as means of allowing animals to react to a critical situation. When we enter this […]


Lets talk about Stress

 It would be nice to lead a perfectly serene, harmonious life, but lets be honest this is quite an unrealistic aim for most of us. So we need to learn to manage modern day stress. At the very least, if we can’t remove stress completely, we can create space for some respite now and again. […]

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Top 10 Stress busters

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