A: Today I’m chatting with Julie Montagu.  I first met Julie Montagu in 2016, while I was an ambassador for Liz Earle Skincare. Julie is one of those people with an effervescent energy. When Julie walks into a room, she lights it up. I knew her also because of her yoga, wellbeing, and nutrition. Julie […]


Julie Montagu on Becoming a Viscountess and Teaching the most Popular Yoga Class in London

A: Estee Lalonde started sharing videos on YouTube over 10 years ago, after moving to the UK from Canada, way before it became a thing. From a young age, Estee knew she wanted a creative career. She has spent the last decade building up her personal brand and establishing herself as a much-loved voice of […]


Life Lessons as a Female Entrepreneur and Growing a Million+ Youtube Followers at the Age of 19 with Estee Lalonde

A: Today’s guest is Melissa Hemsley, who is known as a cook, which undersells what she does. She’s a bestselling author, writer, presenter, and champion of sustainable home cooking. She began her career as a private chef for international actors and brands, including Take That. She regularly appears on cooking shows, news shows, and often […]


Feel Good Food and Cooking for Take That with Melissa Hemsley

Radio frequency facials have been part of my skin clinic for many years. I have worked with numerous different facial radio frequency devices, I know and love the results radio frequency can achieve for rejuvenation and I am really excited to share something new with you.


Radio frequency facial / Indiba deep beauty

Face lifting massage is both an art and a science. Many cultures have been using it for thousands of years for beauty and health. And as with art, no two massages are the same. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to worry if you don’t perform exactly the same stuff twice. Just […]


Face lifting massage: put the brakes of ageing on

Face mapping is your on-the-go skin guide! By looking at your face and knowing what issues affect which areas, you can get a better understanding of what’s happening with your skin. Your Facial Blueprint What are pimples, spots, and other skin disorders telling you about your internal health? There’s no doubt that your body is […]


Face Mapping: Understanding Your Skin’s Health

Choosing your skincare products is definitely not an easy task. Many cosmetics brands claim theirs are the best on the market. I know that picking the right routine that matches your skin type and concerns can be overwhelming. So, I’m guessing your next question is: what are the best skincare products for me? If you […]


Things you need to know before buying your Skincare Routine

What every bride to be needs to know about wedding fresh facials


Bride’s Beauty Treatment Timeline For Radiant Skin On Your Wedding Day

Cryotherapy, why its an amazing idea for your skin!   I have some BIG NEWS! I am really excited to share a new device with you. I always like to be on the look out for new methods and technologies to bring into my facials. My signature skin methods have had an upgraded with a […]


Cryotherapy 8 reasons why it’s amazing for your skin

This is a question I get asked A LOT and if you had asked me 5 years ago I would have probably said they are a waste of time and money. HOWEVER I am now a firm believer in their benefits, new formulations and a whole lot more research as well as my on personal […]


Collagen supplements do they work?

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