The sun is out and our skirts are getting shorter. So what do you do about your less than prepared pale skin? Well when we expose our skin to UV rays it seeks to protect itself by creating a pigment called melanin that determines skin tone. The simple fact is that the more melanin our […]


The Tanning Question Vitamin D

Spring is most definitely here! The sun is shining (most of the time) and there’s a sense of change in the air – whether it’s from the seasons, the clocks or the sunrise. And now Easter is just around the corner it’s time to think about renewal and rebirth – of our skin that is! […]


Renew your skin this Easter weekend

Myth – The higher the SPF the higher the safer you are in the sun  The answer is actually yes and no but as you get up into the higher levels the difference is very little in comparison to the huge amount of extra chemicals required to create the higher SPF.  SPF 15 filters around […]


Banishing sunscreen myths

We all know that to protect our skin from harsh UV rays we need to use sunscreen and so many of our day moisturisers contain UV filters as well, but are these more harmfull than a bit of sun? British Scientists are beginning a study to look at the possibility of a link between brain […]


Nano particles in sunscreens

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