Abigail was approached by Optrex to support, present and quote at events and launch for their upcoming campaign as an eye specialist for the new Optrex Eye revive range of products. Created to hydrate and treat the eye ball as well as the skin around the delicate eye area. http://www.cosmeticsbusiness.com/technical/article_page/Eye_Spy/95042http://www.optrex.co.uk


Optrex Eye Revive Specialist

Feeling the heat of the sun on our face feels divine, but we know too well the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure and the impact this has on the skin’s appearance, drying it out, increasing lines and damaging cells.  I am an advocate of balance in life and we need sun exposure for our […]


Post sun skincare

Planning ahead is key……   1. If you are going to be in the sun and you have retinols in your skincare stop using these at least 5 days before you go, because retinol speeds skin cell turnover this is a precaution to prevent damaging your skin. 2. Start take a mega antioxidant supplement weeks before […]

Life & Style

Top 10 tips for Happy Holiday skin

  Oxygen therapy literally breathes new life into your skin. we all know how great we look and feel after having some time away in the fresh air. All cells need oxygen to regenerate and function, so infusing Oxygen into skin cells optimises this process while also enhancing penetration of active ingredients further into the dermis.  This […]


Oxygen Face Therapy

We all know we need to re-hydrate and drink plenty of water; long term dehydration can cause inflammation, a key factor in premature-aging.Linseed tea has a more viscous texture holding water for longer helping to hydrate more efficiently that just water. Linseed is know to help digestion, calming IBS, balance hormones, provides omega-3, anti-inflammatory, and […]


Linseed tea

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