26th October 2016

My Week in Food


Originally written for Get The Gloss

Working on holistic health detox retreats played a huge part in shaping my current throughs on skin health and wellbeing, so for a long time now, I’ve been advocating the connection between skin and nutrition. Luckily this school of thought is becoming much more mainstream, which is brilliant to see. I live by a 70-30 philosophy when it comes to diet; we can’t be good all of the time! Be healthy 70% of the time and be easy on yourself the rest.

I know the health of my body, my own skin and that of my clients’ is impacted by diet, it seems like a no brainer really. Unfortunately, my working week is not necessarily conducive to balancing my own diet and eating times. I juggle travel, clients and meetings, often without a proper lunch break and working past 8pm and occasional weekends, with three children to fit in as well.

I find dinner to be the hardest meal to manage and so my slow cooker is a lifesaver for family cooking. Lunch and dinner are often eaten out during the week so I relish my weekends and love making the most of this healthy cooking time for me and my kids.




BREAKFAST: It has to be super quick to get me out of the door in time with the kids. I make speedy eggs with smashed avocado, chopped spinach and cayenne pepper and have an earl grey tea on the side.

LUNCH: Sweet potato with a leafy green salad, tomatoes and a hot shot ginger turmeric juice

DINNER: I grab some food post yoga class at the Triyoga café – Rye bread with smoked tofu, sliced avocado, sprouted seeds and spinach. I also have a raw coconut, date, carrot and cacao cake, which was delicious.

SNACKS: A very reviving juice of orange, pineapple, lemon and ginger


BREAKFAST: Gluten free oats with flax, chia, raw cacao powder, grated pear, coconut yogurt,  blueberries, sliced mango, raspberries and cinnamon

LUNCH: I have courgette with a mixed cucumber and tomato salad, peanut, red cabbage and red pepper coleslaw and a jasmine tea

DINNER: Simple – chicken, rice and peas

SNACKS: Kombucha and dark chocolate covered rice cakes



BREAKFAST: A working breakfast of scrambled egg, smoked salmon, grilled tomato, avocado and lemon with an Early Grey Tea

LUNCH: Kefir Yogurt with banana, sunflower seeds, honey and cinnamon and a coconut water

DINNER: I picked some bits up at Wholefoods – sesame seared tofu, aubergine ratatouille and roasted butternut squash. I washed it down with a Jamu Kitchen Turmeric Tamarind Tonic

SNACKS: A bottle of almond milk and a soy latte.


BREAKFAST: Poached eggs with steamed tomatoes, spinach, avocado, olive oil and a pinch of cayenne pepper

LUNCH: Sweet potato with coconut yogurt and a tomato salad, along with courgette dressed with a red pepper pesto

DINNER: Goats cheese and beetroot salad with bean shoots and a glass fo white wine

SNACKS: A carrot, orange, lemon and ginger juice and an acai and chia pot with nuts and seeds




BREAKFAST: I worked from home and did a quick scramble of two eggs, coconut milk, cherry tomatoes, a big handful of spinach, watercress, parsley, turmeric and half an avocado with lime. Plus an early grey tea

LUNCH: Spinach and kale pesto made with cashews, garlic and lemon, served with butter beans, button mushrooms and crackers

DINNER: Chilli dressed new potatoes, a mixed green salad with cucumber and tomatoes, homemade chicken dippers with a garlic herb yogurt dip and a dessert of dairy free coconut ice cream

SNACKS: Slice banana with peanut butter



BREAKFAST: My homemade bircher muesli. I make it with gluten free oats, chia seeds, flax, sunflower seeds, hemp milk, moringa and baobab powder, maple syrup, cinnamon, sliced banana, blueberries and raspberries

LUNCH: Avocado with brazil nut basil dip and carrot sticks

DINNER: A sesame tuna steak with a stir fry of rice noodles, broccoli, greens and ginger

SNACKS: A coco loco juice, made with coconut milk, pineapple, banana, lime and ginger and some Jax Coco toasted coconut chips. I also had a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate (quantity unknown!).



BREAKFAST: Smoked salmon with poached eggs, spinach and tomatoes with an earl grey tea

MID MORNING: A juice – coconut, pineapple, avocado, lime, mint and turmeric, bought from Wholefoods

MID AFTERNOON: A roast dinner – chicken, potatoes and mixed vegetables

SNACKS: A glass of rosé and some Booja Booja chocolates


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Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

Flowers, always good for putting a beautiful smile on your face 😁 no matter how tough a week… https://t.co/yuuR6hFYjk



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