April 22, 2017

It’s #NationalEarthDay today – I hope you’re spending it outside. The climate we live in can have such an effect on our skin – although it’s less extreme in the UK this doesn’t mean it’s something we should ignore! A dry climate will ultimately result in your skin becoming dryer which can compromise the skin’s barrier function leaving it more prone to sensitivity. If we’re exposed to a colder climate then our skin can become chapped easily whereas a humid climate means the skin will naturally retain more moisture but also you’re going to be sweating more which can make pores blocked. That’s why it’s so important to look after your skin and listen to what it needs – our skin is individual to us and there’s no one size fits all formula. #AbigailJames #LoveYourSkin #Skincare #Climate #DrySkin #OilySkin #BlockedPores #ClimateChange #EarthDay #skincare #skin #bblogger #earth

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