April 21, 2017

How often do you add Vitamin C to your skincare routine? There’s plenty of thoughts around why we should add this powerful antioxidant into our skincare routine – in fact @getthegloss have a whole article on when and how you should use it – but is it really worth the hype? Well, in a word, yes! It’s beneficial to use at any age it one of my essential all rounders for your skin with soooo many Fabulous benefits, mega antioxidants & boosts collagen, to keep skin looking firm fresh & bright. Oh and make sure you look out for the potency too – maximum skin absorption occurs at 20% so don’t get fooled into buying anything higher than this as it could be an irritant to your skin, and axkaging is essential as its potency decreases with exposure to light that & air #AbigailJames #LoveYourSkin #VitaminC #skincare #skin #antiageing #SkinExpert #SkinTip #skincoach #Facialist #beauty #bblogger

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