27th February 2016

#AskAbigail Can cacao really make me look younger?


As the saying goes, you are what you eat! My clients know that I’m a big believer in nourishing and feeding the skin from the inside out and that’s why this week’s post is all about the super charged benefits of raw cacao powder. 

Are you concerned about ageing, dull or dehydrated skin then raw cacao powder will be a must-have item in your kitchen cupboard and here’s why…

Get the glow with FLAVANOLS: 

Essential for getting a healthy blood flow to the skin’s surface, which means that your skin will be getting all the vital nutrients it needs to support cell regeneration and leave you with healthy glowing skin. 


Think of these powerhouse ingredients as longterm preventative measures, fighting premature ageing. In big cities like London, the skin is under constant attack from oxidative stress of free radicals from pollution and the sun, this causes damage to the collagen, skin dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and of course, premature ageing. Naturally, our bodies defend itself by producing antioxidants, however, they need the right nourishment to support this natural production and distribution process. To help my clients understand the importance of antioxidants, I like to describe them as the calm meditator cells that have the ability to calm the unstable crazy free radicals, like a chill pill to balance the free radicals whilst maintaining their own composure. 

Protect with vitamins and minerals Magnesium, Vitamin C

I recommend you read the book ‘The Magnesium Miracle’ to understand the importance of this vital ingredient for healthy skin. One study that blew my mind demonstrates how skin cells grown without magnesium were twice as likely to suffer attacks from free radicals! Low levels of magnesium results in reduced fatty acids, less skin elasticity and low moisture levels. Other amazing properties of the magnesium contained in raw cacao powder include its ability to reduce inflammation which is vital for treating acne and eczema as well as ageing. Ah Vitamin C, the so-called MEGA ANTIOXIDANT. Excellent for collagen production, skin plumpness, fighting and protecting against UV damage, brightening the skin and reducing pigmentation – why wouldn’t you want all that goodness from something as delicious as cacao!

So there you have it, now go get some raw cacao…over time it may just help you look and feel younger! You can mix it up in smoothies, baking or sprinkle on desserts and cereals. My favourite is Super Cacao by Aduna.




Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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