spf myths

SPF is an absolutely huge topic which is of particular interest to me as a skincare specialist. Thesun is a source of nourishment for us physically and mentally, but excessive and unprotectedsun exposure remains one of the leading causes of premature skin ageing. There is quite a lot of misinformation and conflicting views out there […]

Skincare 101

5 SPF myths (and how to wear it daily)

Exercise-related acne is not uncommon, it can be the result of a combination of different factors, if you find your skin is aggravated by your regular exercise routine or your profession may require you to be physically active for long periods of time such as dance or sports you may find it helpful to consider […]


Working out and acne

We all know that to protect our skin from harsh UV rays we need to use sunscreen and so many of our day moisturisers contain UV filters as well, but are these more harmfull than a bit of sun? British Scientists are beginning a study to look at the possibility of a link between brain […]


Nano particles in sunscreens

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