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Knowing Me Glowing you is your essential podcast for inspirational conversations. A few years ago I was a single parent of 3 children struggling to keep the roof over our heads and put food on the table. Whilst moving from one rented accommodation to another and suffering mental health issues, I was desperately trying to build a career and better life for me and my family. I took the risk of moving us to London from the countryside in a transit van and a sheep trailer desperate to pursue a dream. Fast forward a few years, 10 house moves, over 20 au-pairs and some yoga training: I'm a best selling author and multi award winning skin expert with many celebrity clients and a global following. This podcast is here to inspire you, to support you, and educate you through whatever life journey you are on or aspire to be on. After spending 20 years treating clients in clinic, listening and supporting them along their beauty, life & health journey. This podcast is an extension of my beauty bed, through my lense and that of my clinical practice - open conversations with many inspirational and talented people in their field.

Nothing is off bounds, from skincare, mindfullness, careers, sex, parenting and everything inbetween.

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