August 10, 2017

Anyone getting out of town for some sunshine? ???? Here are some of my current favourite holiday body skin prep goodies I’m using.
Starting with Dry body brushing, amazing for boosting circulation, toning and smoothing. Big active circles all over the body focusing on any areas of concern for me that’s hips, bottom & thighs.
@caudalie divine scrub, as it says on the tin, a delicate very feminine scent in a sugar balm scrub, add a tiny amount of water then scrub all over, ringed off easily.
A soak in the bath with Epsom salts (do this at least twice every week as standard)
@kinn_living bath oil is so lovely I want to drink it (not advisable!) organic, good for the body & environment a. Great indulgent relaxing bath oil.
@sisleyparisuk white ginger firming body oil massaged all over damp skin once out of the bath.
@sttropeztan bronzing mist is a must if you don’t want to look like the odd one out around the pool and also good for giving a touch of bronzed body confidence so less sun exposure needed when you can get a golden glow from a bottle #safersun
And not forgetting supporting the body from the inside @optibac probiotics are one of my favourite brands. Good for supporting guy health, reducing bloating & also essential if traveling abroad, eating & drinking foreign food & water can play havoc on your stomachs happiness, which is never good while away. Probiotics are a great way of helping keep your internal bacteria balanced & happy
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