May 15, 2017

How are you putting on your makeup this morning? Do you just mindlessly apply on autopilot or even on your commute to work? We’ve probably got our skincare regime down to a t – but makeup! who has time to try something new when they’re rushing out the house to get the kids to school or get off to work?! Well as we’re all under immense pressure with 53% of women saying they feel overwhelmed, @getthegloss look into whether a mindful beauty regime might be the answer. I’m a big fan of #meditation so I’m intrigued by the idea of using beauty to create a meditative space – whether that’s with crystals or scents. It’s a great idea from make up artist @laurmeysimmons who speaks more about the trend in her new book the Inner Beauty Bible. I’d love to know your thoughts… #AbigailJames #LoveYourSkin #crystals #mindfulness #meditation #getthegloss #beauty #mindfulbeauty #MondayMotivation

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