May 2, 2017

I’ve unfortunately been suffering some health issues for a number of weeks, which happens to us all at some point in our lives. I feel it’s a way of the universe forcing us to slow down & also a harsh reminder to look after ourselves, physically & emotionally inside & out. We maybe responsible to looking after others but we need to make looking after ourselves a priority to. I’m doing that at the moment to balance out some effects of prescription medication with the help of one of my current favourite new generation multi vitamin & mineral supplements @equilondon created by nutritionalist @alicemack
A whole load of bioavailable vitamins (so the body will recognise them and use them easier) antioxidants, zinc, omegas, vitamin C, B vitamins and a whole lot more to support, nourish, balance and boost immunity all in an easy to use powder I’m adding a tablespoon to a breakfast smoothie or juice daily ????
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