April 1, 2017

I LOVE #yoga – but I haven’t always been so passionate about it. A lot of people now talk about ‘doing’ yoga (and I too have been ‘doing’ it for years) but it took me a long time to really get it, & to feel like I was enjoying it. Everyone’s practice is so personal to themselves and finding teachers and styles that work for you is the most important thing – after all it’s called a practice for a reason! So take a look at my blog to find out how I turned this ‘meh’ into a ‘yeah’ and turned it into something I crave in my everyday life. I’d love to know your thoughts and stories in the comments below too – after all it’s not just about stretching it’s about strength, breath, reducing stress and improving your immune system too. #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #namaste #wellness #health #AbigailJames #LoveYourSkin #meditation #breathe

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