March 23, 2017

Is coconut oil the beauty saviour it’s cracked up to be? In a word – yes! It may be a staple in your kitchen cupboard but you might want to grab a pot for your bathroom too. Make sure you look for ‘extra raw virgin coconut oil’ as its more gentle for use on your hair and skin. So how do you use it? Well it’s great for your skin but do be careful with regular use if you suffer from acne as it can clog pores. It’s also great as a cleanser – simply massage it into your skin and rinse off with a muslin cloth. Or why not use it when you’re doing your face #yoga moves to help stimulate circulation? I’d love to know if you’ve used it in your beauty routine – let me know in the comments below! #LoveYourSkin #Beauty #CoconutOil #BeautyTip #coconut #skincoach #skincare #faceoil

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