January 9, 2017

The start of a New Year always brings about fad diets and low calorie plans – but what our skin really needs is a good mix of all the right nutrients to flourish. Earlier last year I spoke to the team @getthegloss about what I eat in a week and it’s something that’s really important to revisit now. All this week I’ll be sharing with you my tips to stay #healthy and #happy this #January – not restricting calories and starving yourself. Breakfast has to be quick to get me and my kids out of the door, so speedy eggs and smashed #avocado???? ????gives me my protein and healthy fat hit whilst lunch is a little more relaxed comprised of a sweet potato filled with a leafy green salad. I’ll often head to #yoga after work so I grab some smoked tofu on rye bread from the @triyogauk cafe with a delicious raw carrot cake too. #WhatIEat #AbigailJames #newyear #LoveYourSkin

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