27th December 2013

Detox tips for overindulged skin

How-Get-Over-Indulgent-WeekendOver indulgence can make the skin congested, lacking luster and on the puffy side. There are certain foods that are good for general detox which are going to benefit the skin as well, a detox is the best place to begin. Starting the day with a hot water and lemon with a slice of ginger, mid afternoon fresh mint leaves tea and green or white tea are cleansing and packed with antioxidants and a great replacement to a latte or good old British  cuppa. 

You could look at a one off cleanse program or how about a New Year life change to have a green juice every day or 5 out of 7 days.  Cucumber, lemon, celery, fennel, ginger, pear, spinach are all good for alkalizing the whole body and will improve the brightness and clarity of your complexion.

A good combination of nutrition is key, greens, especially watercress and kale, coloured fruit, berries and vegetables, with healthy proteins such as quinoa, nuts and healthy oils from brazil nuts, fish, avocado should make up the basics of a diet best suited to skin clarity. Avoid the obvious things like pasta, breads, cakes, cheese, and processed meats. And for sweat treats fill your boots with dark chocolate, high in skin friendly antioxidants.

New year skin supplements should include Vitamin D essential for all over health especially in the UK during the winter months, Vitamin C works on so many levels as well as assisting the liver drive away toxins. Milk thistle for liver function and will help keep those breakouts at bay, an effective probiotic to help re balance an over indulged stomach and re balance good gut flora.


BW-Food-State-Skin-Hair-NailsOrganic pharmacy – phytonutrients capsules are an amazing all round skin health supplements with MSM and good for digestion.


burst – spiralina is so easy to add to juices and breakfasts, ideal for alkalizing, improving the immune system, packed with protein and amino acids

Wild nutrition

ic – food stat skin hair and nails has the staple everything you need for general skin health and all ingredients the skin is going to recognise and use to its best.

Biocare – liquid Vitamin D, real easy to take and absorb



For skin detoxification its not just what you are applying to the face, whole body is going to impact on the clarity of your facial complexion. You could go fully natural for a 6-week skin detox product period. Avoiding perfumed, heavy creams, synthetic ingredients and go natural, organic, raw or just cold formulated all this is going to give your lymphatic system the best space to be healthy and clear the skin. 

It’s important to cleanse morning and night Kiehls ultra facial oil free cleanser is a good city skin cleanser without stripping, or their ultra facial cleanser is more suited to a more sensitive skin.

Body brushing and skin exfoliating is a tried and tested method of improving the bodies natural detoxification process, sloughing off the tired dead skin cells on the surface to stimulate fresh cell growth, allow products to penetrate better and bring back some health to the skins surface.

Aesop tea tree facial exfoliator is perfect, powdered tea tree leaves; crushed nutshells and purifying clays tick all the boxes for skin detox.brightening-treatment-mask-50ml-pump-starter-kit-med

Liz Earle Brightening mask is just magical, it really does do something, contains a blend of camphor oil, white clay which draws out impurities, mineral silt high in magnesium, calcium and iron all really important for the skin along with almond oil and aloe very.

Suki pure facial oil, I just love, non complicated with a delicate chamomile scent, absorbs beautifully and great for re-balancing and hydrating the skin without over powering, use at night as a hydrator 

For whole body and face detox Epsom salt baths are old fashioned but work, magnesium and sulphate absorbed through the skin. Great for restoring the body after over indulgence, they naturally rehydrate and restore.



Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

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