14th October 2018

Adare Manor Ireland – Spa review

I must admit jumping on a plane to a colder, damper climate than the UK for a brief spa break wasn’t totally on the top of my to do list, I can jump in my car and head back home to the Cotswolds for the country views and if I’m hopping on a plane for a break I usually prefer to follow the sun. However, an excuse to escape London, recharge the batteries to a place I have not experienced before with rolling countryside views and a luxury spa twisted my arm. I had heard whispers of “you’ve got to see it to believe it” about Adare Manor so I thought it’s got to be worth the flight. I was not disappointed.


Sat in 840 acres (yes 840!) Five star Adare Manor has a traditional gothic castle feel with huge open fires, stained glass windows with a lavish, sophisticated peacefulness and wow those views! If you’re planning a wedding this is your place! The tradition of the main building is a stark contrast to the modern refurb of facilities including the Carriage House restaurant sat in the grounds within a walled garden, which feels like you have walked into the latest London private members club, but without any of the bustle or pretence.  Golf course, numerous gourmet restaurants, views as pretty as a picture and I’m from the Cotswolds so a countryside view to my eye is common place but there is a breath-taking peacefulness to this place. With a list of countryside pursuits to fill your stay with, falconry, archery, horse riding and to my obvious delight pool, fitness centre and spa, you could easily spend a lazy long weekend or a jam packed break with endless activities to fill your days.

Besides the obvious stunning setting what really stands out is the attention to detail in everything, I am sure there was never a question of compromising quality over cost of the recent refurbishment. Staff throughout the manor, friendly, welcoming, helpful without being overbearing and the therapist team were notably talented, which perfectly adds to the complete experience.

So off to the spa, my treatments was the SLEEP SOUND – COLADH SAMH  Pronounced ‘culla sauv.’ This Irish phrase is used to wish someone a ‘sound sleep.’

Before my treatment I had a moment to relax in the spa lounge area before being taken through to my treatment room. Which in simple words are beautifully fitted out. I have spent the past 20 years of my career either working in or training therapists in spas and treatments rooms around the world, it is notable and no exaggeration to the attention to detail in the Adare Manor spa, from the quality of the woodwork, the thickness of the doors (I know a bit of a spa fit out geek) even the slippers which are often a second thought, where some of the comfiest I have experienced. Before getting on the bed, my treatment was well explained

The sleep sound treatments focus is to help restore and sooth those experience sleep deprivation and exhaustion. A deeply sedating massage, which in some cases is alarm bells for a soft slightly annoying massage but the pressure was near on perfect throughout. Combining Swedish techniques, designed to balance the nervous system and ease an over-active mind, which it totally did, 80 minutes of physical and mental switch off and indulgence. Cooling ceramic stones were placed under my palms and on my throat chakra which was a lovely and unexpected touch. I presumed they were cold marble stones or crystals but no, these are special Magical Irish Ogham stones!

They have selected four trees from the Ogham alphabet which represent four essential aspects of well-being. Willow, Oak, Ash and Birch, which represent Harmony, Balance, Renewal and Rebirth. Each has a message for about finding peace and wholeness within ourselves. I love experiencing something new and this was a very personal touch.


“The Ogham, a sacred Druidic alphabet, contained many secrets, and forms a seasonal calendar of tree magic. Each symbol corresponds to a tree and has a spiritual meaning, medicinal and magical powers. Trees held a profound position in Celtic mythology and folklore, and remain powerful symbols of our connection to the earth”


After my treatments so as not to jolt the body back to its senses I was led to a spa relaxation room and offered herbal tea and fruit to gently come back to an awake state.


I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon by the pool, interspersed with using the steam and sauna located just by the pool. With breath taking views and open doors to a terrace overlooking the stream and golf course.

Spa Brands

Irelands first La Mer, spa

Aromatherapy associates

Margarette Dabbs

Who is it for?

I appeared to be the only single traveller and younger than the average. International travellers, Golf enthusiasts, city stress bunnies in need of some calm without leaving the luxury behind. Family celebrations, honeymooners, weddings. I visited mid-week and it was s


I was blown away by the whole experience, I was not expecting to find this quality of spa just outside of Limerick, I won’t hesitate to make that flight again.


The changing area is shared, nicely fitted out but really quite small, however I presume guests are more likely to be staying at the hotel and will be using their hotel rooms, so only a minor point for the day guest visiting the spa.


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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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