There is a swathe of skincare products with activated charcoal in but what exactly are its benefits other than providing the perfect insta photo!? What is activated charcoal? It’s almost identical to normal charcoal but active charcoal has been created for the sole purpose of health benefit. Normal charcoal is treated with oxygen to […]


Activated Charcoal is it really good for the skin?

AUTUMNAL PUMPKIN AND TURMERIC FACE MASK Pumpkins are aplenty this time of year, but don’t overlook them simply as a decorative Halloween item or soup staple. Pumpkins are a fruit packed with some serious nutrients. At the peak of their season, pumpkins are the perfect pick-me-up to our skins’ transition into the cooler autumn weather. […]


Autumnal Pumpkin Turmeric Face Mask

Feeling the heat of the sun on our face feels divine, but we know too well the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure and the impact this has on the skin’s appearance, drying it out, increasing lines and damaging cells.  I am an advocate of balance in life and we need sun exposure for our […]


Post sun skincare

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