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Here’s my guide to peels and acids. It’s no secret that I love a good skin peel. It’s one of my favourite methods to use within my treatments, alongside many others. Dead skin cells, fine lines, sluggish skin cell turnover, dullness as well as boosting hydration levels and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, all generally […]

Skincare 101

Your Road Map To Peels and Acids

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One of the most sensational advancements in skincare over the years has been in exfoliation. The simple rejuvenation of skin cells makes a huge difference to the complexion. By supporting the outermost layer of the skin, we are able to completely transform the way your skin looks, feels and functions – be that with peeling […]


Hydrodermabrasion: The Skin Smoother

Abigail James, Abigail James Facialist, Celebrity Facialist, London Facialist, London Facials, Microcurrent, Microcurrent Facial, Microcurrent London, Microcurrent Facial London

Ageing. The word we all love to hate. It’s something we do our best to avoid, yet still seem to obsess over as soon as the fine lines start to appear. For centuries, we’ve experimented with different trends and tactics, all in the name of looking (and feeling) younger. Some weird, wild, and some truly […]


Microcurrent Facial: Why Your Skin Will Love It

Abigail James - Snail mucus benefits

Don’t worry, I haven’t introduced this to my treatment menu, I just thought it would be fun to investigate what all the fuss was about, I love finding out about weird and wonderful treatments from around the globe.  There is a big fancy word for snail slime: Helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates – try going to […]


Should I or shouldn’t I? The Snail Slime and Bird Poo Facials

  Oxygen therapy literally breathes new life into your skin. we all know how great we look and feel after having some time away in the fresh air. All cells need oxygen to regenerate and function, so infusing Oxygen into skin cells optimises this process while also enhancing penetration of active ingredients further into the dermis.  This […]


Oxygen Face Therapy

TraslerraTrasierra is the family home in the Andalucian Mountains in Spain run as an exclusive private hotel, and boutique retreat venue. Tucked away in the beautiful surrounding hills of the Sierra Norte. the perfect location to enjoy some amazing yoga, treatments, beautiful food and the chance to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy walking […]


Guest facialist at Spanish retreat

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