Cucumbers are a great skin friendly food, packed with nutrients and lots of water, they are great when applied to the skin and also when eaten, they make a fantastic ingredient base for your juice, or when added to a jug of cold water.  The flesh of the cucumber  is mostly water, containing vitamin C […]


SkinFood – Cucumber

Over the past year I have become a regular Green juicer, which has now become part of my weekly routine and I actually find myself looking forward to my juice. Most people presume they are going to hate it as it is green and therefore must be far too healthy and not taste nice, you […]


Green Juice for health and radiance

From time to time we all may suffer from puffy eyes to varying degrees, it may just be the odd occasion or a longer term problem, there are so many things that may or may not be a factor that may contribute to this condition. It could simply be the fact that life is out […]


Puffy eyes

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