Cryotherapy, why its an amazing idea for your skin!   I have some BIG NEWS! I am really excited to share a new device with you. I always like to be on the look out for new methods and technologies to bring into my facials. My signature skin methods have had an upgraded with a […]


Cryotherapy 8 reasons why it’s amazing for your skin

National Hair & Beauty Federation Top 100 Influencers for 2021 Abigail James

I am totally thrilled to have been nominated for the National Hair & Beauty Federation Top 100 Influencers for 2021 and blown away to be in the top 10!! 8th PLACE!!!! Huge congratulations to everyone nominated including Caroline Hirons,  Cher Webb, Harriet Westmoreland, Errol Douglas, Jamie Stevens, Casey Colman, Jaymz Marsters, Chloe Swift and Charlotte Mensah. I […]


National Hair & Beauty Federation Top 100 Influencers for 2021

  Thanks to Andy Murray’s mother, the lovely Judy Murray, lots more people have heard about Radio Frequency Microneedling and have seen the amazing effects it can have on our skin for smoothing lines and generally rejuvenating our faces.  But what is Microneedling and what can it do for you? If you are looking for […]


What Is Microneedling Radio Frequency?

LED light is a broad light treatment, it has proven to be effective with treating many skin issues such as acne, sun damage, skin injuries, boosting collage, speeding healing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and much more. Because it is only light that is used in a treatment, it is totally non-invasive and can be easily added on to almost any other treatment, its one of the best face treatments available.


LED light therapy

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