My Ethos

My ethos stems from one very simple idea - to be comfortable and happy in one's own skin, we all age and its about looking and feeling our best without compromising our health. A 360 approach, from the inside-out and the outside-in and each treatment is acutely personalised and entirely bespoke with what I have found to be the best products, ingredients, methods, techniques and equipment.

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test Products should be nature based and effective. Experience has taught me what works with the skin, that the combination of nature, science and cosmeceutical is the way to achieve visible and long-term results.


test Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the core of everything has to be a balance and a perspective and you have to have a sense of humour. Yoga and staying fit are proven to help, which is why they are an essential part of the process.


For a truly results driven approach I sometimes take science into the treatment room, whether it's light-therapy, microcurrents, radio-frequency or oxygen - it's about finding the tools that’ll really work with the skin to get the best anti aging results in the least intrusive way as possible


I believe every treatment must be bespoke; it has to be for each person's individual needs. That's where the mixture of hands-on massage and technology comes to the fore,' I want someone to leave feeling and looking better. And I advice one treatment is nice but for the optimum results treatments need to be a regul​a​r part of your routine.


Beauty is truly inside-out. The skin is our largest organ and we have to keep it healthy by feeding it responsibly and providing it with the best building blocks.


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