Face Massage for Happy, Healthy Skin in 4 Weeks

The Glow Plan: 

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This book is for you if you lack energy, you never seem to have enough time for yourself, you suffer from niggling health problems and know that all of this is affecting your skin. Or perhaps your complexion has lost its glow. Maybe you’ve noticed a few extra lines and wrinkles, perhaps you’re tired of dark circles or you just want to step of the daily hamster wheel, gain some head space to support you in making better choices for yourself, your health and your skin. 

The Glow plan is a handbook for healthy skin - giving you practical knowledge and skills for inner wellbeing and outer radiance.
Inspired by my years in practice. Hands on with faces, seeing what actually benefits the skin inside and out. My clinical training and experience of many forms of massage that make a positive impact. 
Face Massage for Happy, Healthy Skin in 4 Weeks

"This seriously is a game changer. I’ve been having issues with my skin and instead of going to a million websites for different advice, this book has it all! I’m so excited to take the four week program after reading through this book. I do want glowing skin, but more than anything I want to feel good. This book has the best guidance in an easy, digestible format. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for."
- Annie Cathryn USA Amazon customer 

Integrating practical facial massage with inspirational lifestyle tips, including nutrition advice and yoga techniques, The Glow Plan is a revolutionary programme for achieving healthier, firmer and radiant skin.

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Love Your Skin is the book I always felt the need to write - over the years many of my lovely clients and press friends asked me to share my skin tips and knowledge. Even though I was ahead of the game with lots of encouragement, it still took five years to get a book deal.

I wanted Love your skin to be the ultimate beauty bible for anyone who wants to take better care of their skin, health and wellbeing, whether you’re a skincare newbie or a well-versed skintellectual. It explores all the skin ingredients and technologies you need to know about, and helps you understand how your genetics, diet, hormones, sleep regimes, gut health and lifestyle all have a profound and fundamental effect on your skin. It also uncovers how our skin changes as we age, and offers simple and effective advice to help you achieve better skin and better health.

Love your skin

The ultimate guide to a glowing complexion


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