After a detailed consultation Abigail can advise on the best treatments for you, tailoring and specifically designed for your needs, also offering honest and practical advice to help you get the best results. Because each treatment with Abigail is 100% bespoke your facial may or may not include some of the methods and technology outlined in the treatment descriptions below dependant on your skin.

Skin Consultation

Drawing on a wealth of skin knowledge and vast experience as one of the most respected facialists. Abigail’s thorough analysis explores your skin health, skincare routine, lifestyle choices and overall wellbeing to determine the perfect care and treatment options to help you achieve the luminous, radiant, healthy-looking skin you’ve always dreamed of.

30 minutes £60

Abigail James Signature Treatment

The WOW Factor Facial

For flawless skin. The beauty editors' favourite sculpting massage methods blended with cutting edge aesthetic technology. This is more than just a facial. Abigail’s iconic treatment is a 100% customised results-driven experience, blending her unique sculpting massage methods with an intricacy of non-invasive state-of-the-art technology and expertly selected natural professional products for instant long lasting visible results.

Allow Abigail's legendary hands to lull you into a carefree state. Abigail will discuss your skin goals and personalise your treatment to your concerns and preferences. You won't find a 'one size fits all' approach. Years of training, development and refinement have resulted in what has been hailed the 'supreme facial' by 'the queen of bespoke facials'.

You will leave with more than just amazing skin, Abigail is an encyclopaedia of health and wellness knowledge and tips to help you maintain the extraordinary effects of your facial for as long as possible. After all, it's not just skin care, it's self care. This is a bespoke treatment and may include radiofrequency, micro-current, LED, ultrasound, micro-needling amongst other methods.

Perfect for:
Ageing-well, red carpet events, bride-to-be, T.V appearances or avid instagrammers - You'll be high definition ready.


 Time With Abigail
 75mins  £295
 90mins £345
 2 Hours £425

 Course are available 



Essential facial for vibrant skin, clarity & skin health.

The much talked about, customised Hero facial has become the go-to facial for those who wish to naturally improve and maintain a healthy glowing complexion - focusing on skin health & clarity.

Created to suit all skin types, combining the sought after Abigail James massage methods to rejuvenate your complexion with natural and green cosmeceutical serums, gentle peels, oils and masks selected to suit your skin type and needs, with select 'healthy' technology, your complexion will be revived and rejuvenated.

Due to this facial being customisable to get the best, natural results for your skin, your treatment may include, steam extraction, gentle peel, lymphatic drainage, LED light with the Abigail James massage methods.

Perfect for:

Vibrant skin you can be proud of. Clarity, radiance, skin health, city skin, natural glow, green juice fans.


 Time With Abigail
 60 £190 
 90 £220

 Courses available on request 

Hero Lift

Lift, tone & hydrate 

Created by Abigail to deliver naturally advanced ‘lifting’ results. This facial softens the appearance of fine lines whilst helping to sculpt and redefine the facial contours. Combining her renowned facial massage methods with CACI non-surgical face-lifting micro-current technology to firm and tone facial muscles, with professional grade, natural serums and masks, the Hero Lift actively improves the skin’s natural moisture levels and targets the appearance of facial ageing by encouraging cell regeneration improving skin tone and elasticity.

Perfect for:

Improving the visible signs of ageing. Suitable for late 20's onwards, for those wanting to improve and maintain facial firmness, hydration & youthful radiance.

 Time With Abigail
 75 m £250 


Venus Viva Firm & Lift

Ultimate lift, firm & skin tightening 

Striving to provide the ultimate results for her discerning clients, Abigail personally researched, tried and tested many forms of technology and selected the Venus Viva Radio Frequency as the gold standard in advanced, non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Combining the most advanced, multi-polar radio-frequency and magnetic technology, this treatment works to stimulate your own collagen production, increasing cell regeneration without the use of chemicals or surgery, with fast, immediate, long lasting results. Dramatically improving the radiance and tone of the face and neck with increased volume, firmness and glow. Softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brightening the eye area, and restoring your youthful radiance with no down time or discomfort.

What to expect

The Venus Viva is suitable for all skin types, the treatment feels warm and comfortable, like a hot stone face massage. The skin is heated to a level where your own collagen production is stimulated. Your skin may look slightly flushed immediately post treatment, as if you have had a good workout, this subsides within an hour. You can apply your makeup immediately after. Your skin will look and feel amazing for any event and the effects are accumulative and long lasting.

Perfect for

Pre-event vibrancy, fast, effective lunchtime facial pick-me-up, ultimate collagen stimulation for the best natural lift, firm and fresh faced, revived glow. The new natural, advanced facial rejuvenation.

 Time With Abigail
 35 £170
 Course x5 (Recommended)  £700

Venus Viva FX Fractional resurfacing

The complexion smoother and scar reducer


A revolutionary treatment designed to improve skin texture and tone through skin remodeling with micro-needling and nano-fractional radio frequency (RF) creating heat & a healing response in the dermis to regenerate new collagen, smooth irregular skin texture, reduce the appearance of scaring, decrease pore size and reverse more visible signs of surface ageing with minimal down time. The Venus Viva is FDA approved with clinically proven results. Safe for all skin types, throughout the year.

Perfect for

Evening skin texture & tone. Reducing the appearance of scaring, decrease pore size, improve necklace lines, tighten lax skin, advanced skin rejuvenation.

30mins Consultation & patch test£75  
45mins £280  
Course x5 £1200  


Using one of Abigail’s selected peels, carefully chosen to suit your skin’s needs. A perfect boost for problematic skin, increased hydration, smoothing skin texture, stimulating cell renewal, collagen and natural moisture levels, whilst also restoring and rebalancing a dull complexion. Results-focused peels encourage your skins natural ability to rejuvenate and restore its optimal PH level and deliver a renewed long lasting radiance.

Level 1 Can be had on the day with no skin prep. immediate glow

Level 2 Pre-skin prep with home care or previous peel. Chance of some redness, best glow 3-4 days after

Level 3 Skin prep essential, expect some redness, skin may feel sensitive for 48 hours after, best glow seen 6 days after.


Time With Abigail 
30 £120 
 course of 5  £510 


LED light therapy is a natural, non-invasive, safe method of healing and treating the skin without the risk of side effects, clinically proven to aid in the treatment of acne, eczema, skin rejuvenation, sensitive and dry skins, redness, rosacea and wound healing post surgery. Red light therapy is proven to stimulate skin tissue repair and collagen production. Blue light has an antibacterial effect making it perfect in the treatment of acne. For best results a course of treatments in close succession, 2 - 3 times per week.

TreatmentTime With Abigail
LED30 £60
Course x 8  £400
Add on to any treatment £40


Combining the benefits of a bespoke peel, selected to suit your skins needs, with the non-invasive healing and regenerating properties of red and blue LED light therapy. Designed to repair skin balance and clarity, replenish collagen production and rejuvenate your complexion.

Perfect for long lasting skin balance, health, glow 

Time With Abigail 
60 £190 
Course x 5 (recommended) £830 


Details coming soon


Details coming soon


Details coming soon


This specially tailored massage developed through Abigail’s own experience as a mother and extensive training, provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax and connect with your baby. Focussing on the unique needs of mums to be. Relieving aches and pains and easing excess water retention associated with the later stages of pregnancy, as well as restoring a sense of calm to both mother and baby.

60 minutes £160


Blending a variety of massage techniques from around the world, drawing on her years of training and experience in body work with the addition of Abigail’s renowned healing touch. A unique treatment combining Eastern and Western methods such as cranio-sacral therapy and acupressure, with deep tissue techniques. Addressing aches and pains while allowing the body and mind to relax and restore. Helping you reconnect with your body’s own internal rhythm and wellbeing.

30 minutes upper body £65

60 minutes £160


It is your responsibility as the client to inform at your earliest convenience upto date health and medical information. You are to ensure on the day of your treatment you are physically well and capable of having the treatment and that you are not aware of any medical condition or changes in medication that may cause you to have an adverse reaction to any treatments you receive from Abigail James or a member of her team. Abigail James or any of her team are not medical doctors. Any health, diet or lifestyle advice given by Abigail James or a member of her team is only their professional opinion and is given with the best intentions, if you have any medical condition you need further advice and diagnosis please consult with your G. P. or consultant. Thank you


Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, if you arrive late the time of the treatment may be adjusted accordingly in consideration of other clients booked following your treatment. + Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult; a signed consent form will also be required before treatment. Please…. Turn off your mobile or cell phone It is your responsibility to Please inform us of any health related issues including pregnancy, medication and recent procedures. Men to arrive clean shaven if having a face treatment


Cancelation policy 48hours notice is required to change a treatment time or cancel a booking, or the full cost of the treatment may be charged. A no show for a treatment signifies a late cancelation and a full treatment charge will apply. All appointments must be held with a valid credit card which will not be charged until after treatment.


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