After a detailed consultation Abigail can advise on the best treatments for you, tailoring and specifically designed for your needs, also offering honest and practical advice to help you get the best results. Because each treatment with Abigail is 100% bespoke your facial may or may not include some of the methods and technology outlined in the treatment descriptions below dependant on your skin.

Naked Face Method

With a passion for ageing well, Abigail’s iconic signature massage method is an accumulation of over 15 years of knowledge and training of working with the muscles, connective tissues and lymphatic systems of the face and body. Using methods and therapies discovered and refined from around the world, this is your natural face lift, akin to a power yoga massage for the face. designed to redefine, refresh and detoxify your skin, using hands-on sculpting, contouring and lymphatic drainage techniques.

Perfect For

Natural face lift, radiance, green juice fans

50 mins £180
Course of 4 £580

The Skin Journey

Your ultimate bespoke treatment combining all Abigail has to offer with the optimum blend of Abigail James massage methods, transformative technology, peels, masks, serums, micro-needling & LED.

Time Cost
2 Hours £425

The Wow factor facial

More than just a facial, this iconic multimethod treatment is a beauty editors’ favourite. A customized results-driven experience, which blends the most effective of Abigail’s unique sculpting massage methods with state-of-the-art non-invasive technology including collagen boosting radio frequency and expertly selected professional peels, masks and serums. Offering instant glow and definition with long-lasting results for visibly lifted, smoother and more youthful skin.

Perfect For

Special occasions – bride-to-be, red carpet events, ageing well

75 mins £295
50 mins £250
Course of 6 £1,475

The Hero Facial

The go-to treatment for those who want to improve and maintain a clear complexion. Focusing on skin health and vibrancy, this personalised treatment is suitable for all skin types and combines Abigail’s massage methods with natural cosmeceuticals including gentle peels, serums and masks. The result is a refreshed, clear, revived complexion you will be happy to show off. This is a bespoke treatment and may include steam extraction, gentle peel, lymphatic drainage, vaccum suction and high frequency LED light.

Perfect For

Clarity, radiance, city skin, pore perfector, detox

60 mins £190
90 mins £250

Hero Lift

A re-sculpting revelation which combines Abigail’s renowned facial massage methods with CACI non-surgical face-lifting microcurrent and a selection of skin restoring serums and masks. The treatment firms and tones facial muscles and targets the appearance of facial ageing by encouraging cell regeneration boosting natural moisture levels for visibly plumped and redefined skin.

Perfect For

Muscle tone, lift, first signs of ageing, ageing well

75 mins £250
Course of 6 £1,250

Skin Illumination

Unique to Abigail James, this customized triple layer exfoliating treatment targets all the key signs of ageing with a multi-peel approach. Boosting cell turnover, stimulate collagen, improving skin texture and tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, while soothing and maintaining hydration. Complete with complimentary skin care to see you through the days post treatment.

Perfect For

Radiance, uneven skin tone, age revers & prevention

Time Cost
40 mins £175

Peel & LED

A regenerative option that combines the benefits of a bespoke peel, with the noninvasive healing properties of red and blue LED light therapy. This complete treatment is designed to repair, replenish and rejuvenate.

Perfect For

Long-lasting skin balance, radiance, improved clarity and texture

60 mins £190
Course of five £790

LED Light Therapy

A natural, non-invasive, safe method of healing and treating the skin. Red light therapy is proven to stimulate tissue repair and collagen production, while blue light has an antibacterial effect.

Perfect For

Skin healing and adding a restorative glow to tired skin

30 mins £60
Course of 8 £400

Bespoke Peel

Peels may sound daunting but Abigail carefully selects peels for their ingredients and effectiveness to suit your complexion with a “skin kind” approach. With a focus on visible results, each peel encourages the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate and restore its optimal barrier function and PH level whilst delivering a renewed and long-lasting radiance.

Perfect For

Rebalancing, improved texture, ageing well, spot prone, smoothing lines

30 mins £120
Course of 5 £490

Venus Viva

Combining multi-polar radio-frequency and magnetic technology, this treatment works to stimulate your own collagen production and increase oxygen within the skin, improving cell regeneration for immediate and longlasting lifting, firming and plumping results for the face and neck.

Perfect For

Lunchtime lift, collagen boosting, skin tone and volume

30 mins £170
Course of 4 £580

Fractional FX

Micro-needling and nano-fractional radio frequency (RF) are used in this revolutionary treatment both of which create a healing response in the dermis, allowing it to regenerate new collagen, smoothing and restoring skin texture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, pore size and visible signs of ageing.

Perfect For

Optimum skin resurfacing, re-texturizing, scar reduction

Consultation and patch test £75
Half face or small area 30 mins £200
Full face 45 mins £250
Full face and neck £300

Treatment Add Ons

Add On Cost
LED £40
Light Derma-roller £100

Skin Consultation

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, Abigail will explore in depth your skin health, routine, overall wellbeing and lifestyle before determining the best advice and treatment plan for you.

Time Cost
30 mins £60


It is your responsibility as the client to inform at your earliest convenience upto date health and medical information. You are to ensure on the day of your treatment you are physically well and capable of having the treatment and that you are not aware of any medical condition or changes in medication that may cause you to have an adverse reaction to any treatments you receive from Abigail James or a member of her team. Abigail James or any of her team are not medical doctors. Any health, diet or lifestyle advice given by Abigail James or a member of her team is only their professional opinion and is given with the best intentions, if you have any medical condition you need further advice and diagnosis please consult with your G. P. or consultant. Thank you


Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, if you arrive late the time of the treatment may be adjusted accordingly in consideration of other clients booked following your treatment. + Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult; a signed consent form will also be required before treatment. Please…. Turn off your mobile or cell phone It is your responsibility to Please inform us of any health related issues including pregnancy, medication and recent procedures. Men to arrive clean shaven if having a face treatment

Booking Policy

Cancelation policy 48hours notice is required to change a treatment time or cancel a booking, or the full cost of the treatment may be charged. A no show for a treatment signifies a late cancelation and a full treatment charge will apply. All appointments must be held with a valid credit card which will not be charged until after treatment.


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