8th April 2016

Chatting with….. Sarah Stacey

Sarah Stacey knows a thing or two about natural beauty, not only is Sarah the perfect example of this, she is also one of the most lovely people in the Industry, beautiful inside and out. One half of the team behind The Beauty Bible, The Green beauty bible, and the anti-ageing beauty bible. Also contributing editor to the Mail On Sunday’s YOU magazine and has written for most of the major newspapers and magazines in the UK and worldwide.article-0-0C739FE900000578-328_634x344


untitledIs there nothing this lady can’t do? I’m not sure there is. she shares her time between the West Country looking after rescue horses and has a passion for gardening. Abigail caught up with Sarah to ask those all important beauty questions. 

Q. Time your alarm is set for

I usually wake around 7am but only bother to set an alarm when I am in Dorset in the winter months because I have to get my horses up and dressed, given their breakfast and led out to their field – then muck out their stables…Luckily my husband vowed to love, honour and help with the horses.

Q. Best beauty tip ever received:

Smile! Love your life.

Q. First beauty product ever bought:

Eeek – I think it was Panstick foundation to cover my dreadful spots.  The first one I was given (by a lovely lady in our local chemist) was a green shot with gold eyeshadow by Elizabeth Arden – gorgeous but deeply unsuitable.

Q. Cant live without…:

My husband, horses, friends, smoothie maker and Nespresso machine…Prefer not to live without good skincare, make-up, bath oil and scented candles.  Love good food (but never drink alcohol).

Q. Current reading list:k2-_99f6137e-97f7-4469-b3f9-befc0ab8c649.v2

Several back copies of New Scientist and Scientific American; a novel about the mother of Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro, called The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman, recommended by journalist Laura Bond; Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh for our book 

Q. Any beauty disasters: 

Orange highlights when I used a blonding shampoo on my balayage; flaking, falling off nails from grooming horses in the winter; truly can’t think of any other disasters these days apart from the furrow in my forehead that I have got used to.  But I try never to look at a photo of myself because I would see all the things I choose to forget.

Q. Who is your beauty icon?

Audrey Hepburn because she smiled with her eyes.

Q. Fave getaway:

Our lovely little joyful home in west Dorset, with its sunny garden and beautiful views of hills and valleys, and my horses nearby. 


Q. What’s your evening beauty routine? 

Cleanse, occasionally double cleanse; often use FOREO LUNA sonic cleanser, massage in and up serum and oil or night cream.  Take magnesium, Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial Supplement and a small bowl of thick natural organic yogurt with Cherry Night powder by Viridian Nutrition, which has skin-loving glycine amino acid.

Q. Where or when are you happiest? 

Walking with my husband – I love seeing the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles; sitting on my horse looking at his ears waggle as I talk to him and the way his head turns round when he hears me get out the mints…

Catch up with Sarah at Beauty bible.com and Sarah Stacey for the mail 




Abigail James @AbigailJames

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Abigail James @AbigailJames

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