Face mapping is your on-the-go skin guide! By looking at your face and knowing what issues affect which areas, you can get a better understanding of what’s happening with your skin. Your Facial Blueprint What are pimples, spots, and other skin disorders telling you about your internal health? There’s no doubt that your body is […]


Face Mapping: Understanding Your Skin’s Health

Choosing your skincare products is definitely not an easy task. Many cosmetics brands claim theirs are the best on the market. I know that picking the right routine that matches your skin type and concerns can be overwhelming. So, I’m guessing your next question is: what are the best skincare products for me? If you […]


Things you need to know before buying your Skincare Routine


The Power of Touch, something very close to my heart, face massage.  Natural face-lifting massage methods have one thing in common: they rely on specific, repetitive movements to stimulate blood flow, remove toxins and release tension. There are many massage methods around the globe, which have been used for centuries. I have personally studied many […]


Anti Ageing Face Lifting Face Massage

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Originally contributed to online lifestyle magazine, keep reading to find out what my personal skin care routine looks like in the morning and evening.


My personal skin care routine

Did you see my recent blog on finding the right cleanser for your skin type? I believe that cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine – it gets rid of dirt and make-up leaving your skin clean and polished.   But how do you know you’re doing it right? Follow these tips […]


Achieving the perfect cleanse!

It was lovely to be guest speaker and spend an afternoon at Claridges enjoying afternoon tea with a group of beautiful ladies and the Liz Earle team chatting about all things bridal skincare and a fab new product launch of the Rose and Lavender Cleanse and polish. Answering some key questions all brides want to know […]


Bridal skincare talk at Claridges

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