December 15, 2017

My #productoftheweek this week is one of my all time favourite fragrances, I would almost go as far to say this has been my signature scent for the past few years @fredericmalle l’eau D’hiver I wear this all year round, it’s cashmere soft, feminine & subtle but with a delicate sexy edge. It’s the type of scent that warms up & softens on your skin & I love my winter scarves to smell of this as I wrap them around my shoulders. This is my date night, every day, special occasion, confidence boost, feminine scent. To me scent is so important, I’m really sensitive to heavy, synthetic fragrance & I found a beautiful scent evokes positive, happy emotions. I’d love to know your signature scents or any recommendations #AbigailLoves #whatsinyourbag #AbigailJames #beautyblogger #bbloggers #perfume #Fragrance #Scent #productoftheday #frederickmalle #datenight #

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