October 26, 2017

And sleep….. wow a super busy week so far & it’s not even the weekend yet! I go through times of insomnia & my skin always suffers! it’s something I’ve experienced since being a teenager, when life gets hectic & the mind is buzzing it’s not always easy to drift off or even stay asleep waking in the small hours. I have my routine & things that help but some nights I have to accept tonight’s not going to be a perfect nights sleep. One of the things I find helpful is being the right temperature, not too hot or cold, something that’s not always possible as a 40 something lady! Feet flung out of the duvet. This time of year & through the winter an old fashioned hot water bottle is one of my essentials. I have totally fallen in love with @holisticsilk turquouse velvet cover(also in other yummy colours) & eye masks have been a go to of mine for years, blocking out the light to tell the brain its night time, also nice having something soft by the skin around the eye area. They never seem the same if you wash them so it is good to replace them every so often. #BeautfulSleep #SleepingBeauty #Sleep #wellness #beautyblogger #abigailjames #celebrityskin

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