September 24, 2017

Let’s talk about our Vaginas! Why? Because they are a vital part of our womanly bodies, hormonal system & whole health & right now these female cancers are nicknamed the silent killers! There are many reasons for this but a massive one is – YOU. Yes, you! And your best friend, your daughter, sister, Mum and Auntie – we’re all too embarrassed to talk about our lady parts. I think it’s time we change that, which is why I’m supporting @gynaecancerfund
#LADYGARDEN a campaign on a mission to change the future of female cancer
#LADYGARDENCAMPAIGN over on their page they are currently running an awesome #giveaway for gynaecological cancer awareness month to win one of these super fabulous hoody’s (yes I do actually wear mine out & get lots of comments on it!) signed by the beautiful sisters @caradelevingne @cdelevingne & @poppydelevingne who are also supporting this much needed #cancerawareness #charity ???????????? thank you @missmikasimmons ????
#womenshealth #wellness #Wellbeing #bodypositive #instahappy #healthychoices #livelife

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