August 23, 2017

Inhale the good stuff ????
Breathe from the belly, how many of us actually stop to breathe fully? how odd that sounds to ask! for the natural life giving action the body makes "breath" to ask if we do it properly! But most of us don’t, we shallow breathe in the upper chest.
Full breathe should inhale from the belly, up to the top on the heart, then fully exhale, emptying the lungs. Try this breathing technique today, set your timer on your phone for 1 minute, sit tall & soften your face, close your eyes. Inhale for the count of 5, exhale for the count of 8 & repeat till the timer goes. Mind calms, shoulders drop, Smile increases ????#Wellness #breathe #Yoga #Calm #mentalhealth #happyme #loveyourself #Stressless #LoveYourSkin #AbigailJames

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