July 15, 2017

Going out tonight? ???? No matter how much fun you have & no matter what time you fall into bed, don’t sleep in your makeup! You know your skin is going to suffer from more than just a few too many cocktails. Before you go out put a cleansing oil, cream or balm by your sink with a cloth or flannel so it’s ready for when you get in to quickly & simply wash & wipe it all off. If there’s a chance you might stay out, take a travel size cleanser in your bag with a small cloth you don’t mind loosing at the end of the night ???? tap the pic, some of my favourite cleansing balm & oil brands tagged #Party #makeup #skincare #SaturdayNight #partyGirl #LoveYouSkin #GoGirl #InstaBeauty #SkinTip #celebritySkin #Cleanse #AbigailJames #FaceMassage #facialist

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