March 18, 2017

Roses not just there to look beautiful, they can make you beautiful too ????
Rosewater is THE new it drink for your skin according to @byrdiebeauty.uk but just what are the benefits? Well rose petals can actually have a balancing effect on your skin – and if you can get hold of them then damask rose petals are my favourite to use. It’s great for dealing with acne, rosacea and eczema whilst minimising pores. Why not give it a go and make it yourself – all you need are rose petals and water. Simply leave them to infuse in a glass bottle and start making it part of your daily routine – you’ll notice the results in a week!???????????? #AbigailJames #LoveYourSkin #rosewater #cleanbeauty #diybeauty #acne #rosacea #wrinkles #beauty #beautyfood

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