17th May 2017

Bridal Beauty Part 3 – What to do about your Body

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So for the past few weeks I’ve been telling you all about how to prepare your skin and hair for the big day – now it’s time to talk about prepping your body.



Now is the time to start considering body facials – whether you suffer from spots on your back and decolletage or not, your skin can still suffer from breakouts caused by the stress of your big day. Consider a detoxing treatment to start with that will draw out the impurities and give your skin a good base – then work with your therapist to book in monthly treatments and work out what will benefit your skin most. You could also try applying a purifying mud or clay mask to your back once a week to draw out the impurities at home too.

If you’ve embarked on a new fitness regime then tight fitting clothes mixed with sweat could also cause spots or breakouts – make sure you’re showering regularly and straight after you exercise to minimise the impact on the skin. Finishing your shower with a blast of cold water can help to close pores on your skin and boost your lymphatic and blood circulation too.

Try to find a stress busting practice that you can incorporate into your weekly routine that works for you. It could be meditation, yoga, reading a book, going for  walk – being mindful during this process can really help you to beat the stress at the tough times.



It may seem early but this is the time to start to book in your monthly pedicures and fortnightly manicures – leaving a few months will allow you to grow in and create a shape you’re happy with for the big day. It’ll also give you chance to try out a few colours – once you’ve settled on a colour, buy a bottle for emergency touch ups.



Two months before is the time to start thinking about a self tanning regime if you’re planning on having a touch of bronze for your big day. To make sure your tan is even you’ll need to stick to a body brushing routine or book yourself in for a full body scrub – exfoliating regularly will allow the colour to sit on your skin better. Regular appointments will also allow you to find the tone that you’re happy with and avoid you looking like you’ve been tangoed on your big day. A word of warning though – resist the temptation go on sunbeds! You’ll only regret them and risk ruining your skin forever. Faking it is always best!



Make sure you’re sticking to your booked appointments – there’s only one month to go until you’ll be on show for your big day.



If you’re planning to whiten your teeth, make sure you do it a couple of weeks before as it can make your teeth sensitive. And to keep the shine glowing try avoiding red wine, coffee, tea and berries in the final few weeks.



Whether you’ve been undertaking a pre wedding diet or not, now is the time to try and practice self restraint when it comes to your diet. Salty and fatty food can show up as spots on your skin which is not what you want after you’ve worked so hard to perfect your routine.



Plan in your waxing for a few days before your wedding so that skin has time to settle and any redness can disappear. Whether you’re planning on waxing everything (take deep breaths!) or just your bikini/legs, aloe vera gel is great to help sooth any red bumps.



Now is the time to treat yourself to a final manicure and pedicure – it’s nice to add a paraffin treatment to your final one to make your hands and feet really supple. And make sure you give yourself enough time to let them dry properly – although if you do suffer any last minute chips you’ll be happy you bought that emergency bottle!



And relax! The big day is just round the corner and you’ve done all the prep you can. It’s time to treat yourself to a bath, take off any makeup that’s on your face and relax! Try spraying some lavender on your pillow to help you drift off to sleep and use an eye mask to make sure you get your full 40 winks.



All of your hard work is done – it’s time to wake up and enjoy the day. And if the stress hits remember your mindfulness practice – whether you prefer to meditate or indulge in a yoga flow, this is the time to use it!



Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

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